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Waddy, North Lindsey, 1890?

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Heading or VenueWaddy, Samuel D., b. 1830
TitleWaddy for North Lindsey. One man one vote. Allotments & small holdings on fair terms. Fixity of tenure. Compensation for improvements. State pensions for aged workers! Taxation of idlers! Better homes for working men! Home rule for Ireland. Home rule for England by means of Parish Councils. Free education. A free breakfast table! The land for the people! Local option! [On the reverse] The poor man's tea pays threepence in the shilling on taxation. The rich man's tea pays a penny in the shilling for taxation! The poor man's tobacco pays tenpence-halfpenny in the shilling for taxation. The rich man's cigars pay a halfpenny in the shilling for taxation! A shilling's worth of cheap beer pays threepence in taxation. A shilling's worth of champagne pays a penny in taxation! Landlords who do nothing get sixty one millions per year from agricultural land! The labourers who till the land get less than half a million per week for their labour. Does any working man suppose he will help to right these wrongs by voting Tory?
Size12 cm.
Imprint[Leicester] : Printed & published by Gibbons & Co., Les'ter
IllustrationsWith a portrait of Waddy
NotesPrinted on both sides of the card, in blue and green ink on one side and in blue and red ink on the other. - 'Illustrious local preachers' edited by David Whiteley. Bradford: Thornton & Pearson, 1891 pp. 179-183=S. D. Waddy, Q.C. M.P., the Christian lawyer, b. in 1830 took his degree of B.A. at the University of London in 1850, called to the Bar in 1858, appointed Q.C. in 1874, and in 1876 became a Bencher of the Inner Temple. He had a seat in Parliament from 1874 and supported temperance and other reforms
GenreElection papers; Candidates' cards
SubjectPolitical candidates; Campaign paraphrenalia
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