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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Arundel 326

Part 1 ff. 1-6v 
Title Calendar
Origin England
Date 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 12th century
Language Latin
Script Protogothic
Decoration Large 'KL' letters in red, green, or blue. Small letters in red, blue, or green.
Dimensions in mm 170 x 115 (140 x 95)
Part 2 ff. 7-134v 
Author Bede, Geoffrey of Monmouth , and others
Title Historical and theological miscellany, including Annales Abbendonie (ff. 10-22), chronological notes and tables; Historia regum Britanniae , imperfect (ff. 63-122v), legends, tables of the popes to the death of St Louis, imperfect
Origin England, S., S. Midlands (Abingdon)
Date 1st half of the 14th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic cursive
Decoration 1 initial in blue with foliate decoration and red pen-flourishing (f. 42). Small simple initials in red Paraphs in red.
Dimensions in mm 170 x 115 (130 x 85)
Official foliation ff. 134 + unfoliated modern paper flyleaves
Collation i6 (ff. 1-6); various.
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Rebound in 1963.
Provenance The Benedictine abbey of St Mary, Abingdon, Berkshire (text includes the annals of Abingdon).
Part 1 only: The nunnery of Wherwell ? (presence of female saints, see Crick 1989 no. 88; the calendar has added Abingdon entries, including the obit of Abbot Vincent on 29 March (d. 1130).
Both parts:
Lord William Howard (b. 1563, d. 1640), antiquary and landowner, the younger son of Thomas Howard (b. 1538, d. 1572), 4th duke of Norfolk (inscription: ‘William Howarde, f. 1).
? Thomas Howard (b. 1585, d. 1646), 2nd earl of Arundel, 4th earl of Surrey, and 1st earl of Norfolk, art collector and politician.
Henry Howard (b. 1628, d. 1684), 6th duke of Norfolk, presented to the Royal Society in 1667.
The Royal Society, London (its ink stamp: 'Soc. Reg. Lond / ex dono HENR. HOWARD / Norfolciensis.', f. 1v).
Purchased by the British Museum from the Royal Society of London together with 549 other Arundel manuscripts in 1831.
Notes Note that the calendar (Part 2) includes Anglo-Saxon saints such as Aldhelm, Guthlac, Oswald, and Dunstan.
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Part  1   ff. 1-6v
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Calendar page

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