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Detailed record for Additional 72707

Title A leaf from a Book of Hours, Use of Sarum ('The Hungerford Hours')
Origin England, E. (?Lincoln or Ely)
Date Between 1330 and 1340
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Decoration Initials in blue with red pen-flourishing and gold with blue pen-flourishing. Line fillers in gold and colours.
Dimensions in mm 165 x 105 (125 x 70)
Official foliation f. 1
Form 1 parchment folio
Binding A loose parchment leaf.
Provenance The diocese of Lincoln or Ely: entries in the calendar (Additional 61887) for St Guthlac on 11 April, marked 'festive in holandia' (Holland near Croyland, in the Lincoln diocese) (f. 2v) and Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln (b. 1135, d. 1200) (f. 6).
?Sir John Pattishall (b. c. 1293, d. 1349): the Pattishall (?) coat of arms and a miniature with kneeling figures identified as the early owners on 2 leaves from the same manuscript now held in a private collection (see Michael, 'Destruction, Reconstruction and Invention' (1990), p. 39 plate 5, and p. 101 n. 10).
?Alice Pattishall (b. c. 1330, d. 1398), wife of Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth (b. c. 1319, d. 1383): perhaps inherited from her father, Sir John Pattishall.
?Sir Philip Courtenay (b. c. 1400, d. 1463), great-grandson of Alice Pattishall and Sir Thomas Wake: perhaps inherited by him, and his wife Elizabeth Hungerford (b. c. 1400, d. 1476), sister of Robert Hungerford (b. c. 1400, d. 1459).
Robert Hungerford, 2nd Baron Hungerford (b. c. 1400, d. 1459) and his wife Margaret Botreaux (d. 1478): obits added to the calendar in the 15th century (Additional 61887, ff. 1v, 3).
‘London, private collection 1’: see Michael, 'Destruction, Reconstruction and Invention' (1990), p. 95.
Bernard Quaritch Ltd, booksellers: purchased by the British Library in February 1996.
Notes A single leaf containing part of the Litany of Saints (Confessors and Virgins) from the Hungerford Hours.
The British Library holds additional leaves from the original Book of Hours: Additional 61887 (six folios from the calendar) and Additional 62106 (a single leaf from the hour of None in the Hours of the Virgin).

For further identified leaves from the Hungerford Hours, see Appendix 1 in Michael, 'Destruction, Reconstruction and Invention' (1990), pp. 94-96. More recent sales catalogues featuring leaves from the manuscript include: Sotheby’s Catalogue of Western Manuscripts and Miniatures, 7 December 1992, lot 8 (five leaves), and 5 December 1994, lot 5 (see Zeileis, Piu ridon le carte: Buchmalerei aus Mittelalter und Renaissance (2004), no. 144); Maggs, European Bulletin, 19 (1994), no. 48; Reiss & Sohn, Königstein im Taunus, 27 October 2009, lots 834 and 835; and Quaritch Catalogue 1396: Medieval Manuscripts (2010), no. 12 (Stanford, Stanford University Library M1769). In addition, there is a leaf held by the Lilly Library, Indiana University (see de Hamel, Gilding the Lilly (2010), no. 44).
Select bibliography Janet Backhouse, 'An English Calendar circa 1330', in Fine Books and Book Collecting, ed. by Christopher de Hamel and Richard. A. Linenthal (Leamington Spa: James Hall, 1981), pp. 8-10.

M. A. Michael, 'Destruction, Reconstruction and Invention: The Hungerford Hours and English Manuscript Illumination of the Early Fourteenth Century', in English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700, Volume 2, ed. by Peter Peal and Jeremy Griffiths (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1990), pp. 33-108.

Christopher de Hamel, Gilding the Lilly: A Hundred Medieval and Illuminated Manuscripts in the Lilly Library (Bloomington, IN: Lilly Library 2010), p. 97 [on Additional 61887 and Additional 62106].

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f. 1

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