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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Hirsch III.934

Title Missal, including a calendar, a Gradual for summer, a Lectionary for the days after Easter and Pentecost
Origin Austria or Germany (S.)
Date last quarter of the 12th century
Language Latin
Script Protogothic, written above top line
Decoration 1 miniature in brown and red ink, with washes in green, purple, and yellow (f. 40v). 4 large initials in red ink, with either foliate or zoomorphic features or clasps, some also with black or yellow (ff. 9, 43v, 129, 151v). Initials in red, some with penwork decoration or highlighting in yellow. Small initials in brown with highlighting in red. Marginal foliate decoration in brown or red with yellow (ff. 12, 60).
Dimensions in mm 200 x 140 (160 x 105)
Official foliation ff. iii + 179 (f. i is attached to the inside upper cover; f. iii is attached to inside lower cover + 1 unfoliated paper flyleaf at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Pre-1600. White pigskin with blind-stamping, probably of the 1st half of the 16th century.
Provenance Possibly written in 1191 for the Abbey of Wilhering.
12th and 13th-century additions, including f. 180 which is an excerpt from John 1, with added punctus flexus punctuation.
The Cistercian abbey of Hohenfurt in Southern Bohemia, now Vyšší Brod in the Czech Republic: see Raphael Pavel, ‘Beschreibung der im Stifte Hohenfurt befindlichen Handschriften’, in Xenia Bernadina, part II: Die Handschriften-Verzeichnisse der Cistercienser-Stifte, (Vienna: Alfred Hölder, 1891), II, p. 205) (as 'Codex CXII).
Emil Hirsch of Munich, his catalogue: Valuable Manuscripts of the Middle-Ages, Mostly Illuminated, with XVI Plates (Munich: Emil Hirsch Antiquariat, n.d.), item 14, pp. 22-24 & plate 1; purchased on 2 February 1928 for 5,000 Reichsmark by Paul Hirsch (see Paul Hirsch's account book for the years 1902-35 with the endtry ‘Emil Hirsch / Mchn. (Pergam. Handschr.: Missale XII. Jahrh.) 5000 (British Library, Hirsch P.19/15, p. 105; note quoted below.
Paul Hirsch: A note in Hirsch’s hand on the rear pastedown, f. iii, reads ‘M. H. E. | RM S/M | II/28’, i.e. ‘München Hirsch Emil, Reichsmark [5000 in code], Feb. 1928’; his catalogue; acquired by the British Museum in 1946 with the rest of his collection.
Notes Musical notation: unheighted neumes and neumes on four-lines staves [F – red and C – yellow with clefs (ff. 7v-62v), brown (ff. 63-128v)], South-West Germany (Bohemia), end of the 12th century – beginning of the 13th.
Select bibliography Die illuminierten Handschriften und Einzelminiaturen des Mittelalters und der Renaissance in Frankfurter Besitz, ed. by Georg Swarzenski and Rosy Schilling (Frankfurt: Joseph Baer & Co., 1929), pp. 9-10, pl. 9.

Kathi Meyer and Paul Hirsch, Katalog der Musikbibliothek Paul Hirsch, 3 vols (Frankfurt am Main: Musikbibliothek Paul Hirsch, 1936), III: Instrumental- und Vokalmusik bis etwa 1830, p. 280, pl. 23.

Iluminované rukopisy vyšebrodské, ed. by Antonín Friedl and Mirko Riedl, eds, (Ceské Budejovice: Krajska knihovna, [1965]), item 8, p. 22

Friedrich Simader, ‘Ein vermeintliches Missale Salisburgense der British Library’, Codices Manuscripti 48/49 (2004), 7-11, pls. 3-6.

Nicolas Bell, ‘The Hirsch Missal’ in Papers Read at the 12th Meeting of the IMS Study Group CANTUS PLANUS, Lillafüred - Hungary, 2004. Aug. 23-28, ed. László DOBSZAY (Budapest: Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006), pp. 393-412.

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Zoomorphic initial

f. 9
Zoomorphic initial
The Crucifixion

f. 40v
The Crucifixion

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