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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 37472, f. 3

Title Cutting from a Gradual
Origin Italy, Central (Florence)
Date c. 1371 - c. 1374
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Artists Attributed to Don Silvestro dei Gherarducci (b. 1339, d. 5 October 1399)
Decoration 1 historiated initial 'O' in colours and gold, of Romauld enthroned with a bishop saint (probably Augustine) and monastic saints John Gualbert (top right), Maurus and Placidus in Camaldolese habits (f. 3). 1 initial 'A' with filigree decoration in colours (f. 3v). The initial 'O' introduced the introit to the Mass for the feast of Saint Romauld (19 June, according to the Camaldolese calendar): "Os justi meditabitur sapientam". On the reverse are four four-line staves of musical notation and text: 'Amen dico vobis / quod uni ex minimis me / is fecistis michi fecistis / venite benedicti patris'.
Dimensions in mm 285 x 295
Official foliation Parchment cutting, foliated as '3'.
Form Parchment cutting in a double-sided window mount, kept in a box with six other cuttings.
Binding N/A
Provenance The Camaldolese monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence: the initial was cut from missing f. 90 of Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Cod. Cor. 2, a volume of a Gradual (Sanctorale), dated 26 February 1370 (1371, according to the modern calendar); illumination of the Gradual probably commenced after this date and was most likely completed by 1374, in time for use in the officiation of the monastery's new choir.
Anonymous 19th-century English owner: inscribed on mount; 'Puccio Capanna', and 'Tommaso Giottinese b. 1324 dies 1356 / Puccio Capanna Pl CXII A...'.
Walter Benjamin Tiffin (b. 1795, d. 1877), London art dealer and publisher: purchased from him by the Department of Prints and Drawings of the British Museum on 28 June 1854.
Transferred to the Department of Manuscripts on 26 February 1907.
Notes Italian cutting.
The present initial is boxed with Add. 37472, ff. 1-2, 4-7. To see this initial in the Manuscripts Reading Room order Add. 37472.
Musical notation.
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