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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 26897

Title Festival prayer book (mahzor) for Rosh ha-Shanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, Ashkenazi rite
Origin Germany
Date 1st half of the 14th century
Language Hebrew
Script Ashkenazi square and semi-cursive script, partially punctuated
Scribe Isaac?
Decoration 1 folio with text framed by an arcade in ink (f. 121v). 2 decorated initial words framed by an arcade in ink (f. 47v, 101). 6 decorated initial words, in ink (ff. 18v, 32v, 37, 84, 223, 310). 1 initial word in colours (f. 341). 1 decorated catchword (f. 37v).
Dimensions in mm 315 x 270 (225 x 160)
Official foliation ff. 380 (+ 3 unfoliated modern flyleaves at the beginning and 1 older and 3 modern unfoliated paper flyleaves at the end)
Collation 39 quires: i5 (ff. 1-5), ii8 (ff. 6-13), iii8 (ff. 14-21), iv8 (ff. 22-29), v8 (ff. 30-37), vi8 (ff. 38-45), vii8 (ff. 46-53), viii8 (ff. 54-61), ix8 (ff. 62-69), x8 (ff. 70-77), xi8 (ff. 78-85), xii8 (ff. 86-93), xiii8 (ff. 94-101), xiv8 (ff. 102-109), xv8 (ff. 110-117), xvi8 (ff. 118-125), xvii8 (ff. 126-133), xviii8 (ff. 134-141), xix8 (ff. 142-149), xx8 (ff. 150-157), xxi8 (ff. 158-165), xxii8 (ff. 166-173), xxiii8 (ff. 174-181), xxiv8 (ff. 182-189), xxv8 (ff. 190-197), xxvi8 (ff. 198-205), xxvii6 (ff. 206-211), xxviii8-1 (ff. 212-218), xxix4 (ff. 219-222), xx8 (ff. 223-230), xxi8 (ff. 231-238), xxii8 (ff. 239-246), xxiii8 (ff. 247-254), xxiv8 (ff. 255-262), xxv8 (ff. 263-270), xxvi8 (ff. 271-278), xxvii8 (ff. 279-286), xxviii8 (ff. 287-294), xxix8 (ff. 295-302), xxx8 (ff. 303-310), xxxi8 (ff. 311-318), xxxii8 (ff. 319-326), xxxiii8 (ff. 327-334), xxxiv8 (ff. 335-342), xxxv8 (ff. 343-350), xxxvi8 (ff. 351-358), xxxvii8 (ff. 359-366), xxxviii8 (ff. 367-374), xxxix8-2 (ff. 375-380).
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Isaac, scribe?: the name Yitzhak is marked many times, e.g., on ff. 6v, 20v, 47, 52, 57, 185v, 267, 268v, 320.
Eliezer bar David, owner: sold to Hannah bat Yehiel on Thursday 23 of Adar Sheni, [5]266 [1506]: inscribed in a purchase note (f. 380v).
Yiddish inscription (f. 380v).
Hannah bat Yehiel given to her son Yequtiel as a gift on 23 Adar [5]280 [1520]: inscribed in a note (f. 380v].
Giuseppe Almanzi (b. 1801, d. 1860), bibliophile his manuscript no. 6; his library including 322 medieval Hebrew manuscripts were purchased en bloc by the British Museum through Asher & Co. in October 1865 for £1,000 through Adolphus Asher (b. 1800, d. 1853), Berlin bookseller and dealer to the British Museum 1841-1853 (see David Paisey, 'Adolphus Asher (1800-1853): Berlin bookseller, anglophile and friend to Panizzi', in The British Library Journal, 23 [1997], 131-53).
Notes Watermark, f. [381], of a monogram of VCF.
Deletions, words, passages crossed out by a censor numerous times (e.g., ff. 2v, 7, 7v, 12, 15, 29v, 33, 46, 68v, 71, 159v-160, 164-164v, 165v-166, 241v, 262v-263v, 309, 319).
Pricking and ruling are visible.
ff. 206-222 were incorporated later. Accordingly, the catchword on f. 205v fits to the text on f. 223.
Select bibliography Samuele Davide Luzzatto, Giuseppe Almanzi, Catalogue de la bibliothèque de littérature hébraïque et orientale de feu Mr Joseph Almanzi (Padua: Antoine Bianchi, 1864), p. 11 (in the Hebrew part).

Israel Davidson, Otsar ha-shirah veha piyut: mi-zeman hatimat kitve ha- kodesh ad reshit tekufat ha-haskalah [Thesaurus of Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry] (New York: Bet midrash ha-Rabanim de-Amerikah, 1924-1933) [on the text].

George Margoliouth, Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1899-1935; vols I-III repr. 1965); IV, Introduction, Indexes, ed. by Jacob Leveen (London: British Museum, 1977), II, no. 657.

* * *
Decorated initial word

f. 32v
Decorated initial word
Decorated initial word

f. 47v
Decorated initial word
Kol Nidrei

f. 101
Kol Nidrei
Text framed by arcade

f. 121v
Text framed by arcade
Decorated initial word

f. 223
Decorated initial word

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