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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 46919

Author Walter de Bibbesworth, Nicholas Bozon, Simon de Fresne, William Twiti , Serlo of Wilton and Rutebeuf compiled by William Herebert of Hereford
Title A collection including treatises, poems and sermons in Anglo-Norman French, Latin and Middle English
Origin England, S. (Oxford)
Date 1st half of the 14th century (before 1337)
Language French (Anglo-Norman and Continental), Latin, Middle English
Script Gothic cursive
Scribe William Herebert and others
Decoration Rubrics in red. Paraphs and letters at the beginning of lines highlighted in red.
Dimensions in mm 235 x 170 (175 x 120)
Official foliation ff. ii + 211 (+ 4 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning and 4 at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Rebound in 1965.
Provenance William Herebert, Franciscan of Hereford (d. 1333 or 1337), a note on f. 1v:
'Ex collacione Willelmi Herebert auctoritate ministri generalis' and parts copied in his hand.
The Franciscan convent of Hereford (see M.R. James, The Library of the Grey Friars of Hereford, British Society of Franciscan Studies 5, (Aberdeen: Typis Academia, 1914), p. 117).
Fr. John de Kyngtone, Franciscan, his name inscribed on f. 107 in a 14th-century hand.
Henry Farmer (Fermor) of Tusmore, Oxfordshire, owned by him in the 17th century: catalogued in his collection by [Edward Bernard], Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae, 3 vols. (Oxford: Sheldonian, '1697', but 1698?), II, no. 9159 (for the Fermor family see J. C. Blomfield, History of Cottisford, Hardwick and Tusmore, Bristol, 1887, pp. 64-78; History of Middleton and Somerton, Bristol, 1888, pp. 102-24).
William Fermor of Tusmore (d. 1828): the former (perhaps 18th-century) binding contained his bookplate dated '23.6.1816' (see Catalogue of Additions (1959) and Heber sale catalogue (February 1836), p. 149).
Richard Heber, landowner and book collector (b.1773, d. 1833), in his sale, Bibliotheca Heberiana, 10-20 February 1836, lot 1470, sold to Thorpe for £23.6s.
Sir Thomas Phillips, bought by him through Payne and Foss (see Alan N. L. Munby, The Formation of the Phillipps Library up to the Year 1840 (Phillipps Studies III), 1954, p. 78), his catalogue number 8336 (f. ii) and his notes (ff. i verso-ii).
Bought by the British Library from Messrs. William H. Robinson, Ltd., in 1950.
Notes Contents:
f.1v: Table of contents in a Latin, listing 18 items, ending with the note, 'Ex collacione Willelmi Herebert auctoritate ministri generalis';
ff. 2-14v: Tretiz de langage by Walter de Bibbesworth, with Middle English glosses (Dean Anglo-Norman Literature, 285);
ff. 15r-v: Le Chastel de leal amour (Dean, ibid., 227);
ff. 15v-18v: Le Art de Venerie, a treatise on hunting in Anglo-Norman by William Twiti huntsman to Edward II (Dean, ibid., 405);
ff. 19-24v: Recipes in Middle English (the same recipes in Anglo-Norman are found in in Additional 32085 and Royal 12 C x);
ff. 24v-36v: A treatise on Falconry in Anglo-Norman (Dean, ibid., 401);
ff. 38-86v: Poems, prayers and moral tales, in Continental and Anglo-Norman French (Dean, ibid., 145, 205, 605, 683, 688, 689, 690, 691, 739, 740, 761, 774, 800, 819, 822, 825, 913, 916, 956, 968, 972, 974), of which several are attributed to Nicholas Bozon, and one to Rutebeuf (ff. 57v-59);
ff. 59r-v: A debate between mother and daughter on the choice of husband (Dean, ibid., 142);
ff. 62-65v: A treatise on monastic life;
ff. 66-74: Le char d'orgueil by Nicholas Bozon (Dean, ibid., 687);
ff. 80-84: Sermons in verse by Nicholas Bozon (Dean, ibid., 592);
ff. 86r-v: Song to the Virgin in French by Thibaut d'Amiens (Dean, ibid., 807);
ff. 86v-87: Notes on hawks and knights' equipment in Anglo-Norman French (Dean, ibid., 315, 404);
ff. 87-90: L'ordene de Chevalerie, attributed to Hue de Tabarie, here in the Anglo-Norman version (Dean, ibid., 706);
ff. 90v-95v: Poems by Bibbesworth and others in Anglo-Norman French (Dean, ibid., 199, 689, 797,799);
ff. 96-104: Alphabetical list of proverbs in Anglo-Norman French, some attributed to Serlo of Wilton, with biblical concordances (Dean, ibid., 260, 272);
ff. 104v-106v: Notes in Latin on sermons, some by W. Herebert;
ff. 107-116: Le Roman de Philosophie in Anglo-Norman French, by Simon de Fresne, Canon of Hereford, according to the acrostic and a note by Herebert in the lower margin (Dean, ibid., 243);
ff. 116r-v: La Charte au diable, otherwise known as La lettre du Prince des envieux (fragment), incipit, 'Sacent trestuz' (Dean, ibid., 103);
ff. 116v-119: Religious verses in French (Dean, ibid., 318r, 838, 844, 866);
ff. 120-153: Contes moralisees in Anglo-Norman French (Dean, ibid., 695)
f. 154-204v: Sermons and religious treatises, mostly in Latin, some by Herebert (Dean, ibid., 403);
ff. 205-211v: Religious poems in English by William Herebert.
William Herbert made notes in Royal 7 F vii and viii, Royal 7 A iv, Royal 12 C xii, Egerton 3133 and Cotton Nero A ix,
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'London, British Library, Additional 46919', Manuscripts of the West Midlands, (Department of English, University of Birmingham, 2009), [] [accessed 11.07.14].

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