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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 18210

Part 1 ff. 1-84; 107-181 
Author Robert Grosseteste, Constantinus Africanus, and others
Title A miscellany of theological and scientific texts,
Origin England and France, N. or Germany, S.
Date 2nd half of the 13th century to 1st half of the 14th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic and Gothic cursive
Decoration Circular geographical and astronomical diagrams in red and brown illustrating the Dragmaticon (ff. 58, 59, 59v, 60, 66, 66v, 69, 71v, 72v, 73, 73v, 74, 74v, 75v, 76, 76v). Initial in red with penwork decoration in brown (f. 107). Numerous initials in red or blue.
Dimensions in mm 230 x 170 (185 x 115/35) written in one or two columns
Part 2 ff. 85-106 
Title Treatises on on palmistry (ff. 85-86v), spatulomancy (ff. 86v-89), geomancy (ff. 89v-102) and hematoscopy ff. 102v-103) and a prose lapidary (ff. 103v-106)
Origin England or France (N)
Date 4th quarter of the 13th century or 1st quarter of the 14th century
Language French (Anglo-Norman)
Script Gothic
Decoration Diagrams of geomancy in red and brown (ff. 91-97). Initials in alternating red or blue
Dimensions in mm 195 x 150 (145/55 x 85/115)
Official foliation ff. i + 181 (f. i is a paper flyleaf + 4 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning and 5 at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Rebound in 1985.
Provenance Thomas de Ryngestede (d. 1366), Dominican penitentiary to Pope Innocent IV: two inscriptions upside down in the margin of f. 127v contain his name with the epithet, 'do[min]i p[a]p[e] p[e]ni[tenti]arius'; they were probably added before he was made Bishop of Bangor in 1357.
Bought by the British Museum at Puttick and Simpson's sale, 3 July, 1850 for £2 5s.
Notes The manuscript consists of 9 parts bound together.
Contents include:
ff. 1-40v: Constantinus Africanus, trans., 'De dietus universalibus', books 2 and 3;
ff. 41-54: Two religious treatises translated by Robert Grosseteste from the Greek, 'Testamenta XII Patriarcharum' and Suidas', 'De probacione virginitatis Beate Marie';
ff. 55-76: William of Conches (tutor to Henry II), 'Dragmaticon', a work of natural philosophy probably composed in Normandy between 1144 and 1148;
ff. 77-84v: Galen, 'De virtutibus cibariorum';
ff. 85-103: Treatises on palmistry (or chiromancy), spatulomancy (the use of the shoulder bone in divination), geomancy and hematoscopy (prognostication by inspection of the blood) in Anglo-Norman French. The texts on spatulomancy and hematoscopy are unique;
ff. 103v-106: 'L'entaille de gemmes', a 13th-century prose lapidary attributed to Marbode (also found in Cambridge, Pembroke College MS 87);
ff. 107-127v: Latin commentaries on the 'Isagogue' of Johannitus (Hunayn ibn Ishaq), a collection of medical texts, including Gallen's 'De spermate', which Johannitus translated from Greek to Arabic;
ff. 128-135: Gilbertus Anglicus, 'Summa;
ff. 136-165: Works by Roger of Palermo, Roland of Parma, and Bruno of Longobucco on surgery;
ff.166-175v: 'Liber de Sinthomatibus Mulierum' (imperfect), from the 'Trotula', a work on women's health and medicine compiled in Salerno, Italy in the 12th-century with 4 recipes added in the margins (f.170v);
ff. 176-181: Latin translation of Hippocrates', 'Acutorum morborum' or 'Acutarum regimen'.
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Part  2   ff. 85-106
Treatises on on palmistry (ff. 85-86v), spatulomancy (ff. 86v-89), geomancy (ff. 89v-102) and hematoscopy ff. 102v-103) and a prose lapidary (ff. 103v-106)
* * *
Geomantic tables

f. 93
Geomantic tables

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