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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 15603

Author Isidore of Seville
Title Etymologies
Origin France, E. (Neuvelle-lès-la-Charité)
Date 4th quarter of the 12th century
Language Latin
Script Protogothic.
Artists By the same artist as Yates Thompson MS 17 (f. 42v) and Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense MS 107 ((see Turcan-Verkerk, Les manuscrits de la Charité (2000), p. 123).
Decoration A historiated initial of a bishop (Isidore of Seville) writing (f. 1). A full-page framed ink diagram of the degree of consanguinity, including geometrical features, human figures in medallions and animal figures (f. 93). A geometrical diagram of the generations in red and green (f. 94). A diagram of a labyrinth in red and green (f. 142v). A marginal drawing of a lion and a leopard (f. 113v). Initials in red or blue with pen-flourishing in red, blue and green (e.g., ff. 8v, 29). Pen-flourishing and marginal decorations in black with red highlights, some with zoomorphic features (e. g., ff. 111, 114, 121v, 123, 138, 144). Initials highlighted in red. Paraphs in red and blue. Rubrics in red. Running titles in brown
Dimensions in mm 245 x 350 (170 x 255)
Official foliation ff. 184 (+ 1 unfoliated paper flyleaf at the beginning + 1 at the end); f. 1 is a medieval parchment flyleaf.
Form Parchment codex
Binding Pre-1600. Probably original, parchment over oak boards, clasp and bosses missing; 'Vélin' written on the spine in a 17th-century hand.
Provenance The Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame de La Charité, Neuvelle-lès-la-Charité, founded in 1133: the abbey's ownership inscription: 'Liber Sancte Marie Caritate' on f. 184v and an added a parchment bookmark (f. 142, lower margin); the early modern shelfmark '116'; cited in its catalogue of 1717 as 'Un manuscrit latin, en vélin, in-folio, qui est l'ouvrage des Origines ou Ethymologies, divisé en vingt livres, de saint Isidore, évêque de Séville en Espagne, mort en 636' (see Turcan-Verkerk, Les manuscrits de la Charité (2000), p. 122).
Charles Motteley (b. 1778, d. 1850), bibliophile and Paris bookseller: purchased from him by Rodd (inscription, f. 1).
Thomas Rodd the younger (b. 1796, d. 1849), London bookseller; bought by the British Museum from him, 8 November 1845.
Notes Full digital coverage available for this manuscript: see Digitised Manuscripts at
This manuscript was copied by the scribe of Add MS 10943 also from the Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame de La Charité (see Turcan-Verkerk, Les manuscrits de la Charité (2000), p. 123).
Additional contents include:
ff. 1-1v: A fragment of a Missal, written in the 2nd quarter of the 12th century;
ff. 184r-v: Anonymous verses entitled 'Versus amici missi ad amicum';
f. 184v: Two tables entitled 'Manus dextera obediencie' and 'Manus sinistra obedencie'; a fragment of a letter from Pope Clement IV (b. c 1195, d. 1268), to the King of Sicily, Charles d'Anjou, concerning the exemption of Cistercian monasteries from taxes collected in 'regno Francie tuo' (your Kingdom of France),
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the years 1841-1845 (London: British Museum, 1850), p. 31.

Jules Gauthier, 'Catalogue des manuscrits de l'abbaye cistercienne de La Charité au diocèse de Besançon', in Bibliothèque de l'école des Chartes, 42 (1881), 19-29 (pp. 20-21).

W. H. James Weale, Montague Rhodes James, S. C. Cockerell, and others, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Second Series of Fifty Manuscripts (Nos. 51 to 100) in the Collection of Henry Yates Thompson (Cambridge: University Press, 1902), p. 132.

John E. Murdoch, Album of Science: Antiquity and the Middle Ages, ed. by I. B. Cohen (New York: Scribner, 1984), no. 119.

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W. Cahn, 'A. Bondéelle-Souchier, Bibliothèques cisterciennes dans la France médiévale: répertoire des abbayes d'hommes', Cîteaux, 43 (1992), 473-74 (p. 474) [review].

Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk, Les manuscrits de La Charité, Cheminon et Montier-en-Argonne. Collections cisterciennes et voies de transmission des textes (IXe-XIXe siècles), Documents, études et répertoires, 59, Histoire des bibliothèques médiévales, 10 (Paris: CNRS, 2000), pp. 122-24.

Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk, 'Inventaire-Charité (La), Notre-Dame, O. Cist. (H)-1757', in Libraria: Pour l'histoire des bibliothèques anciennes (Paris: Institut de Recherches et d'Histoire des Textes, 2012) <—-charite-la-notre-dame-o-cist-h-6> [accessed 13 February 2017].

* * *
Isidore of Seville

f. 2
Isidore of Seville
Consanguinity diagram

f. 93
Consanguinity diagram
Geometrical diagram

f. 94
Geometrical diagram
A labyrinth

f. 142v
A labyrinth
Decorated initial

f. 171
Decorated initial

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