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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 17443

Title Lancelot-Grail
Origin France (Paris or Douai?)
Date 2nd half of the 13th century
Language French
Script Gothic, written below the top line
Artists Attributed to Douai artist who also worked on Bodleian Library, MS. Digby 223, Le Mans, MS. 354 and Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS. fr. 770 (Delcourt, 2009).
Decoration 2 framed miniatures in ink, of a damsel on horseback at the round table and of Walter Map writing for Henry II (ff. 1, 62). Puzzle initials in red and blue with pen-flourishing at formulae such as 'Or dist li contes…' (f. 10v) and 'Ci endroit…' (f. 80). One space left for a puzzlie initial (f. 7). Numerous small initials in red or blue with pen-flourishing in the other colour.
Dimensions in mm 290 x 195 (220 x 150) in two columns
Official foliation ff. 131 (+1 unfoliated parchment flyleaf at the beginning and 1 at the end; f. 79 is a half page)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Brown leather with gold tooling.
Provenance Coat of arms of the Swiss-French Granson/Grandison? family (f. 1)
Louis César de la Baume-le-Blanc (b. 1708, d. 1780), duc de la Vallière, peer of France, governor of the Bourbonnais, and book collector: his sale, 1784, no 4005 (see Guillaume de Bure, Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque de feu M. le duc de la Vallière (Paris: Guillaume de Bure, 1783)).
Pierre-Antoine Bolongaro-Crevenna (d. 1792) : his sale, Amsterdam, 26th April 1790, no. 5137.
George Galwey Mills of Slaughter House, Gloucestershire, member of Parliament (1807-08): his sale, 24th February 1800, lot 1193.
David Thomas Powell (b. c.1772, d.1848), English clergyman and antiquary: purchased from him by the British Museum, 31st July 1848, lot 220.
Notes Contains the last 2 parts of the prose Lancelot-Grail Cycle:
La Queste del saint Graal (ff. 1-61);
La Mort le roi Artu (ff. 62-131).
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1848-1853 (London: Trustees, 1868), p. 17.

H. Oskar Sommer, Le Roman de Merlin or the Early History of King Arthur (London: Privately printed, 1894), facing p. xxiv.

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Roger Middleton, 'Manuscripts of the Lancelot-Grail Cycle in England and Wales: Some Books and their Owners' in A Companion to the Lancelot-Grail Cycle, ed. by Carol Dover (Woodbridge: D. S. Brewer, 2003), pp. 219-35, (p. 228).

Peggy McCracken, 'The Old French Vulgate Cycle' in The Cambridge Companion to Medieval French Literature, ed. by Simon Gaunt and Sarah Kay (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008), pp. 35-47 [on the text].

La légende du roi Arthur, ed. by Thierry Delcourt (Paris: Bibiothèque nationale de France, 2009), p. 115.

* * *
Damsel enters the hall at Camelot

f. 1
Damsel enters the hall at Camelot
Walter Map and Henry II

f. 62
Walter Map and Henry II

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