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Detailed record for Harley 4012

Title Various religious and moral treatises including The Cleansing of Man's Soul (ff. 1-68v), a Passion poem (ff. 106-108v), Life of Catherine (ff. 115-123v), Life of Margaret (ff. 124-130), Life of Anne in verse (ff. 130v-139v), an excerpt from St Patrick's Purgatory (ff. 140-151v).
Origin England, E.
Date c. 1460
Language English
Script Gothic (Secretary). Gothic Hybrid (Bastard Secretary).
Decoration Ink drawing of Christ on the Cross (f. 109). 10 large initials in gold and colours with acanthus leaves extending in the margins to form 2-3-sided partial borders (ff. 1, 1v, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12v, 16v, 83v, 101). Smaller initials in gold and colours with pen flourishing extending in the margins. Numerous initials in blue (sometimes with reserved designs) with red pen-flourishing. Cadels sometimes developing into a larger motif (e. g., ff. 9, 11v, 30, 67, figure on f. 33v, fish on f. 45v, faces on ff. 101v-102), scrolls wrapped around ascenders (e.g., ff. 50v-51, 52).
Dimensions in mm 280 x 195 (200 x 135)
Official foliation ff. i* + 153 (+ 3 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning + 1 unfoliated parchment leaf after f. 101 + 1 unfoliated parchment leaf after f. 151 + 3 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the end)
Collation i-xix8 (ff. 1-151).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Added inscription, 15th century (f. 152v).
Anne Wingfield (b. c. 1426, d. 1500), daughter and heiress of Sir Robert Harling and Jane Gonvile, East Anglian resident, with connections to, among others, Sir John Fastolf and the Pastons: inscribed, 15th century, 'Thys ys the boke of dame Anne Wyngefeld of Har[l]yng' (f. 153, visible under ultra-violet light); may have been made for her (see Dutton, 'Piety, Politics and Persona' (2000) and Jenkins, 'St Katherine and Laywomen's Piety' (2003)).
Thomas Rawlinson (b. 1681, d. 1725), book collector: borrowed from him in 1720 by Thomas Hearne, antiquary and diarist (bap. 1678, d. 1735), inscribed 'Lent me by Thomas Rawlinson Esq. Read over in 1720. Tho. Hearne' (f. i*), sold to Edward Harley in the sale of Rawlinson's manuscripts on 4 March 1734 (see Wright, Fontes Harleiani (1972)).
The Harley Collection, formed by Robert Harley (b. 1661, d. 1724), 1st earl of Oxford and Mortimer, politician, and Edward Harley (b. 1689, d. 1741), 2nd earl of Oxford and Mortimer, book collector and patron of the arts, inscribed as usual by their librarian, Humfrey Wanley ‘20 die mensis Januarij, A.D. 1721/22’ (f. 1); inscribed 'Oxford B.H.' (f. 1).
Edward Harley bequeathed the library to his widow, Henrietta Cavendish, née Holles (b. 1694, d. 1755) during her lifetime and thereafter to their daughter, Margaret Cavendish Bentinck (b. 1715, d. 1785), duchess of Portland; the manuscripts were sold by the Countess and the Duchess in 1753 to the nation for £10,000 (a fraction of their contemporary value) under the Act of Parliament that also established the British Museum; the Harley manuscripts form one of the foundation collections of the British Library.
Notes For a more detailed list of contents, see Catalogue 1808.
f. [iv] is a former pastedown.
ff. 1-68v: prologue (f. 1); 'A shewing in generall wordis that a sawle corruptithe with synne hit must be waishid and clensid from the filthe of sinne…'.
ff. 69-72: 'The Charter of our eritage'.
f. 73: 'Foure thingis be nedefull to evere Cristen man and woman to rule theein be to obtayne the blisse of heuen'.
ff. 73-77: 'Here is the mirroure of sinnes'.
ff. 77v-78: 'Theis be the wordis that our saueoure Iehsu spake to his holy spouse and virgen Sent Moll in al thi werkis kepe iii thingis in thi mynde'.
ff. 79-83: 'Here beginneth a tretes of mekeues withoute whiche noman maie come to ane other vertu or loue of godd for hit is the grounde of all perfeccion of goone and vertue'.
ff. 83v-100v: 'Here foloing be the artikill of the faith redy for every man to rede and se'.
ff. 101-102: chapter list for the following treatise.
ff. 103- 103v: Mirror of St Edmund, imperfect.
ff. 104-105v: treatise on 'fowre maner of wasshingis', imperfect at beginning.
ff. 106-108v: 'Iehsu the sonne of mare mylde', verse.
ff. 109-109v: 'Ho sumener saith this praier in the worship of the passion shall haue C. 3ere of pardon'.
ff. 110-113: '…the pardon of the monastery of Shene whiche is Syon'.
ff. 113v-114v: 'Here is foling a short and a frutefull tretes how that ther was assembelid viii wide men and masters for to declare what meret tribulacion is for manne mekely sufferd'.
ff. 115-123v: Prose Life of St Catherine.
ff. 124-130: Prose Life of St Margaret.
ff. 130v-139v: Verse Life of St Anne.
ff. 140-151v: Verse Life of St Patrick.
f. 152v: copy of a quitclaim, Binham (Norfolk), dated 10 July, 20 Henry VII (1505).
Select bibliography A Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum, 4 vols (London: [n. pub.], 1808-12), III (1808), no. 4012.

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A. S. G. Edwards, 'Fifteenth-Century English Collections of Female Saints' Lives', The Yearbook of English Studies, 33 (2003), 131-41 (p. 138).

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Illuminated initial

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f. 109

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