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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 12 C XXIII

Author Julian of Toledo; Aldhelm
Title Prognosticon futuri saeculi; Aenigmata
Origin England, S.
Date Last quarter of the 10th century, or 1st quarter of the 11th century
Language Latin and Old English
Script English caroline minuscule
Decoration Zoomorphic initials with interlace decoration of Wormald type II (b) in outline drawing, with display script in green and red (ff. 1v, 2, 6v, 23v, 49, 83, 84). Initials in green or red.
Dimensions in mm 245 x 150 (175 x 100)
Official foliation ff. 138 (+ 4 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Rebound in 1989. Gilt edges.
Provenance The Benedictine Abbey of St Mary, Glastonbury: included in the catalogue of Glastonbury abbey of 1247/48, no. 263 as 'Libri pronosticorum iiş. In altero sunt enigmata sancti Aldelmi vetusti' (see Medieval Libraries of Great Britain 1996); noted by John Leland in his list of books in Glastonbury abbey, before 1533, no. 24 (see Carley 1986), and Joannis Lelandi antiquarii De rebus Britannicis collectanea. Cum Thomć Hearnii prćfatione notis et indice ad editionem primam, 6 vols (Farnborough: Gregg International Publishers, 1970), IV p. 154.
Thomas Howard, 14th earl of Arundel, 4th earl of Surrey, and 1st earl of Norfolk (b. 1585, d. 1646), art collector and politician: probably to be identified with a manuscript in his possession collated with Royal 15 A XVI, and mentioned in a note by Patrick Young, reading 'hunc librum / collatum esse ad ms / codicem co/mitis Arun/dell' (Royal 15 A XVI, f. 59v).
An old number '109' (f. 1).
The Old Royal Library (the English Royal Library): Royal seal of a ship, 17th century (f. 2); included in the 1698 catalogue of the library of St James's Palace (see [Edward Bernard], Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae (Oxford: Sheldonian, '1697', but 1698?), no. 8660).
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Full digital coverage available for this manuscript: see Digitised Manuscripts at
Julian of Toledo, Prognosticon futuri saeculi, with interlinear Latin glosses and 1 Old English gloss on f. 69 (ff. 1v-79v);
Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne (c. 705-709), Aenigmata, with interlinear and marginal Latin and 75 Old English glosses (ff. 79v-103v);
Caelius Firmianus Symposius, 'Enigmata Simphosii' (ff. 104-113v);
'Enigmata Eusebii', perhaps to be attributed to Hwaetberht, abbot of Wearmouth and Jarrow in 716 (ff. 113v-121v);
Tatwin, Archbishop of Canterbury (731-734), 'Enigmata Tautuni' (ff. 121v-127);
The 'Opus monitorium', addressed to a young king, one of the grandsons of Charles the Great (Lothair, Pepin, Louis, or Charles the Bald) (ff. 127-132);
A treatise beginning 'Impleat o vestrum domini dilectio pectus' (ff. 132-134);
Distichs addressed to Louis the Pious, beginning '0 presul patrio; prudens et rex venerande' (ff. 134-137);
A poem entitled 'Versus cuiusdam Scotti de alfabeto', beginning 'Principium vocis veterumque inventio mira', imperfect (ff. 137v-138v).
Select bibliography George F. Warner and Julius P. Gilson, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King’s Collections, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1921), II, pp. 35-36.

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Mercedes Salvador-Bellow, 'Patterns of Compilation in Latin Enigma: The Evidence of a Source-Collection in 'Riddles' 1-40 of 'The Exeter Book', Anglo-Saxon, 2 (2008), forthcoming, p. 11.
Last revised: 22 September 2009

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Zoomorphic initial

f. 1v
Zoomorphic initial

f. 2

f. 6v

f. 23v
Zoomorphic initial

f. 49
Zoomorphic initial
Zoomorphic initial

f. 83
Zoomorphic initial
Decorated initial

f. 84
Decorated initial
Riddles of Aldhelm

f. 84v
Riddles of Aldhelm
Text pages

ff. 98v-99
Text pages

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