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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 6 E V

Author Robert Grosseteste
Title Dicta CXLVII and other works
Origin England, S. E. (Merton?)
Date Last quarter of the 14th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Decoration 1 historiated initial in colours and gold of Robert Grosseteste, with a full border (f. 6). 6 foliate initials in colours and gold, with full or partial borders (ff. 70, 136, 185, 211, 228, 240). Initials in gold on blue and rose grounds with penwork decoration in white, some with foliate extensions (e.g., f. 97). Initials in blue with red pen-flourishing. Paraphs in red or blue. Cadels.
Dimensions in mm 420 x 290 (325 x 200)
Official foliation ff. 252 (+ 2 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end, and 4 unfoliated medieval parchment flyleaves at the beginning and 2 at the end; f. 252 is a medieval parchment flyleaf)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house
Provenance The Augustinian priory of St. Mary, Merton, Surrey: inscribed 'Liber ecclesie s[anc]te Marie de M[er]ton', 15th century (f. 1); and a draft acquittance by the prior of S. Mary's, Merton to the warden and fellows of New College, Oxford, founded in 1379, for 16s. 6d. rent of Mowreshall in Oxford, 15th century (f. 252v).
Added tables of contents, 15th century (ff. 1-4v).
Thomas Wolsey (b. 1470/71, d. 1530), royal minister, archbishop of York, and cardinal: 'TC' monogram, perhaps for Thomas Cardinalis (see Carley 2000, p. xxxiii), 16th century (f. 1).
The Old Royal Library (the English Royal Library): Westminster inventory number 'no. 1239' (f. 1), acquired by the Upper Library at Westminster after the inventory of 1542; in the catalogue of 1666, Royal Appendix 71, f. 7; and in the 1698 catalogue of the library of St James's Palace (see [Edward Bernard], Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae (Oxford: Sheldonian, '1697', but 1698?), no. 8134) .
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Includes 30 works by Robert Grosseteste (c.1170–1253), bishop of Lincoln:
Table of contents (f. 5v);
Dicta CXLVII (ff. 6-69);
Twenty-nine sermons (numbered only to xviii), (ff. 70-109);
Two extracts, 'Quid proprie est aureola', beginning ' Linc. in sermone. Nobis enim inquit'; and beginning 'Lincolniensis supra epistolam Iohannis Damasceni de Trisagio in fine sic ait, Sentencia Grecorum' (f. 109);
Sermon, beginning 'Scriptum est de Levitis' (ff. 109-112v);
'Quomodo examinandus est penitens cum venerit ad confessionem' : a treatise on confession, beginning 'Deus est quo nichil melius excogitari potest' (ff. 112v-119v);.
Seven 'dicta' or sermons, beginning 'Ex rerum iniciatarum et mutabilium et compositarum existencia' (ff. 119v-125v);
A collection of 8 documents concerning the council of Lyon of 1250, including: Memorandum addressed to Innocent IV (ff. 126-128); Parabola addressed to archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 128v-129); Conquestio cleri anglici (ff. 129-129v), Propositum, or Propositio Roberti de visitatione dioecesis suae (f. 129v), De regno et tyrannide (ff. 129v-130), De iure eiusque apparatibus (ff. 130-130v), De lege et iusto (ff. 139v-131), Defensio sui (ff. 131-131v);
Two paragraphs beginning 'Ut iumentum factus sum', and 'Tenuisti manum dexterum' (f. 132);
Epistolae, beginning 'Notabilia excerpta de epistolis domini Roberti Grostet episcopi Lincolniensis' (ff. 132-135);
Hexaemeron (ff. 136-184v);
De cessatione legalium (ff. 185-211);
Peter of Limoges, Oculus moralis, attributed here to Robert Grosseteste (ff. 211-227);
De decem mandatis (ff. 228-239);.
De impressionibus aeris seu De prognosticatione (ff. 240-241);
De iride (ff. 241-241v);
Quod homo sit minor mundus (ff. 241v-242v);
De luce sive De inchoatione formarum (ff. 242v-243v);
De colore (f. 243v);
De generacionibus impressionum humidarum (ff. 243v-244);
De motu corporali et luce (f. 244);
De motu supercelestium (ff. 244-245);
De differentiis localibus (ff. 245-245v);
De unica forma omnium (ff. 245v-246);
De forma prima omnium, or De intelligenciis (ff. 246-247);
De veritate (ff. 247-248v);
De veritate propositionis (ff. 248v-249);
De ordine emanandi causatorum a deo (ff. 249-249v);
De sphaera (ff. 249v-251v).
Catchwords and bifolium signatures; 14th-century foliation referred to the tables of contents.
Select bibliography George F. Warner and Julius P. Gilson, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King’s Collections, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1921), I, pp. 155-57.

S. H. Thomson, The Writings of Robert Grosseteste (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1940), pp. 11-12.

Medieval Libraries of Great Britain: A List of Surviving Books, ed. by N. R. Ker, 2nd edn, Royal Historical Society Guides and Handbooks, 3 (London: Royal Historical Society, 1964), p. 130.

S. Wentzel, 'Robert Grosseteste's Treatise on Confession, Deus est', Franciscan Studies, 30 (1970), 218-93 [p. 226).

Servus Gieben, 'Robert Grosseteste at the Papal Curia, Lyons 1250: Edition of the Documents', Collectanea Franciscana, 41 (1971), 340-93 (p. 345).

Stuart Jenks, 'Astrometeorology in the Middle Ages', Isis, 74 (1983), 185-210 (pp. 196, n. 19, 197).

The Libraries of King Henry VIII, ed. by J. P. Carley, Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, 7 (London: The British Library, 2000), H2.1239.
Last revised: 21 September 2009

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Robert Grosseteste

f. 6
Robert Grosseteste
Robert Grosseteste

f. 6
Robert Grosseteste
Foliate initial

f. 136
Foliate initial
Foliate initial

f. 211
Foliate initial
Zoomorphic initial

f. 228
Zoomorphic initial

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