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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 4 D III

Title Gospel of John, with the Glossa ordinaria
Origin England or France
Date Last quarter of the 12th century or 1st quarter of the 13th century
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Decoration 2 historiated initials in colours and gold, at the beginning of John and the prologue to John (ff. 1, 2v). 1 foliate initial in colours and gold, at the beginning of the Passion (f. 68v). Initials in red with blue pen-flourishing, or in blue with red pen-flourishing throughout the main text. Small initials and paraphs, some with penwork decoration, in red or blue, throughout the gloss.
Dimensions in mm 385 x 250 (230 x 155), in two or three columns
Official foliation ff. 80 (+ 1 unfoliated medieval parchment flyleaf attached to a modern paper flyleaf, at the beginning; f. 80 is attached to a paper modern flyleaf)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. 18th century.
Provenance The Old Royal Library (the English Royal Library): included in the 1698 catalogue of the library of St James's Palace (see [Edward Bernard], Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae (Oxford: Sheldonian, '1697', but 1698?), no. 7778)
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Fourth volume of a set of Glossed Gospels; other manuscripts are Royal 4 D I-II (Matthew and Mark. The third volume containing Luke is missing.
Select bibliography George F. Warner and Julius P. Gilson, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King’s Collections, 4 vols (London: British Museum, 1921), I, p. 89.

L. Brownrigg, 'Ornament: Purpose and Play in Medieval manuscripts', Fine Print: A Review for the Arts of the Book, 8 (1982) 64-73 (p. 71, pl. G).

The Libraries of King Henry VIII, ed. by J. P. Carley, Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues, 7 (London: The British Library. 2000), p. xxxvi, n. 48.
Last revised: 21 September 2009

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