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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 20 C VIII

Author Honoré Bovet
Title L'Arbre des batailles
Origin France, S. (Avignon)
Date 1st quarter of the 15th century, before 1416
Language French
Script Gothic cursive
Decoration 1 miniature in colours and gold of the presentation of the book to Jean, duke of Berry, with a full border (f. 2). 1 large diagram in grisaille (f. 2v). Foliate initials in colours and gold with foliate extensions following each rubric.
Dimensions in mm 385 x 270 (285 x 165)
Official foliation ff. 165 (+ 2 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end; ff. 1, 165 are medieval parchment flyleaves)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Royal library parchment binding.
Provenance Jean of Valois, (b. 1340, d.1416), duke of Berry, probably made for him: his arms and portrait (f. 2).
Two rondeaux in French, beginning 'Je may pouoir de vivre en joye...', and 'Triste playsir et doloureuse joye...', 15th century (f. 165).
John Gamston (or John of Gamston, Nottinghamshire): inscribed with his name, 'Iste liber constat Joh[an]i Gamston[i] generoso', early 16th century (f. 164v).
Henry Parker, 10th baron Morley (b. 1480/81, d. 1556) or his son Henry Parker, 11th baron Morley (b. 1531/2, d.1577): inscribed with the epitaph, 'Epitaphium Henrici Parkeri equitis domini Morlei, quod ipse ad huc vivens composuit et suo sepulcro inscribi iussit' (f. 1).
Humphrey Lloyd (b. c.1527, d.1568), Welsh antiquary, brother-in-law of John Lumley: inscribed 'Sum Humfredi Lloyde' (f. 2).
Added title in French, 'L'arbre des Batailles compose par / Honore Bonet Prieur de Salon en Provence', and a note in English identifying the text: 'Note yt in some Authors this booke is termed Dame Christine of ye / tree of Battayles; not that she made yt; But bicause she / was a notable Benefaitour to Learned men and perchaunee / to ye autor of this Booke and therefore divers of them sette furthe / their Bookes under her name; See ys Booke of Noblesse in englishe and / Chrystines life amongste ys autors de clarie mulieribus as I remember', 16th century (f. 1).
John Lumley, 1st baron Lumley (b. c. 1533, d. 1609), collector and conspirator: inscribed with his name (f. 2); listed in the 1609 catalogue of his collection, no. 1179 (see The Lumley Library, 1956); passed to Henry, prince of Wales.
Henry Frederick, prince of Wales (b. 1594, d. 1612), eldest child of James I: his collection became part of the Royal Library.
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Includes Honoré, or Honorât de Bovet (c. 1340-c. 1410), prior of Selonnet, L'Arbre des batailles, composed c. 1386-1389 for Charles VI of France (1380-1422).
Catchwords and bifolium signatures; original foliation in upper right corner referred to the list of contents (ff. 162-164).
Select bibliography H. Omont, 'Les manuscrits français des rois d'Angleterre au château de Richmond', in Etudes romanes dédiés à Gaston Paris (Paris: É. Bouillon, 1891), pp. 1-13 (p. 11).

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Jean, duke of Berry

f. 2
Jean, duke of Berry
Diagram of a tree

f. 2v
Diagram of a tree
Diagram of a tree

f. 2v
Diagram of a tree

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