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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 30855

Title Liber geronticon ; Sententiae patrum egyptorum
Origin Spain, N. (Burgos)
Date 1st half of the 11th century
Language Latin
Script Visigothic minuscule
Decoration Full border in red with pink and yellow (f. 2). One large initial with interlace decoration in red, blue, green and yellow (f. 4v). Initials in colours with foliate or interlace decoration, some with human figures (ff. 16, 37v), some with animals including goats (ff. 40 and 42) and birds eating fish (ff. 88v, 94v). Rubrics in capitals and numbering in red.
Dimensions in mm 270 x 170 (200 x 125)
Official foliation ff. 142 (+ 1 unfoliated modern parchment flyleaf at the beginning and 2 at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Brown leather over wooden boards.
Provenance The Benedictine monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos,in the booklist of ; in the 13th-century book list inserted in Paris BNF N.A.L. 2169, f. 16v (Boylan, 'Library at Santo Domingo' (1992), p. 80, no 12); in the catalogue compiled by Ibarette in 1770 (Boylan 'Library at Santo Domingo' (1992), no. 20); and in the catalogue compiled by the librarian of Silos, Gregorio Hernandez in 1772 (see Boylan, 'Library at Santo Domingo' (1992), p. 92, no. 12).
Rodrigo Echevarria y Briones, last Abbot of Silos (1790-1875) hid some of the books in the neighbouring villages and kept some with his personal archive after the dissolution of the monastery in 1835, when the archives were transferred to the provincial library at Burgos, according to Férotin, (Histoire de l'Abbaye (1897)).
The Benedictine abbey of San Martin de Madrid, a dependency of Silos: the personal archive of Echevarria was entrusted to them on his death in 1875 (see Férotin, Histoire de l'Abbaye (1897). In 1877, 69 manuscripts and incunabula including the present manuscript were sold to a Madrid bookseller for 16 000 pesetas (see Boylan, 'Manuscript illumination' ( 1990), pp. 27-29).
Bachelin-Deflorenne, booksellers of Paris, sold at their auction of 55 manuscripts from the library at Silos on 1 June, 1878, lot 30.
Bernard Quaritch, London booksellers, bought by them from Bachelin-Deflorenne for 290 francs, along with 13 other Silos manuscripts; purchased by the British Museum from Quaritch, 15 June 1878 (a note on f. [i]).
Notes Contents:
ff. 1-2: Notes on the five stages of the world and a list of the apostles with the countries where they preached;
ff. 3-93v: Liber geronticon or sayings of the Church Fathers, books 1 and 2;
ff. 94-113v: Sententiae patrum egyptorum;
ff. 113v-142: Liber geronticon, book 3, with folios lacking at the end, explicit, 'ex fratribus adveniret post triginta dies con'.
Musical notes accompanying the glosses in Latin on ff. 4v-27v.
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Figure with a  mask and cape

f. 16
Figure with a mask and cape

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