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Detailed record for Additional 23211

Title Fragments containing West Saxon and East Saxon royal genealogies (f. 1), Latin verses for calculating Easter (f. 1v) and a martyrology in Old English (f. 2r-2v)
Origin England (S.W.)
Date 4th quarter of the 9th century
Language English and Latin
Script Minuscule
Decoration Black initial with penwork decoration, filled with yellow, red and green, surrounded with red dots (f. 2). Black initials filled with red, yellow or green, some surrounded with red dots. Rubrics in red (f. 1v). Punctuation marks, abbreviation symbols and accents traced in red.
Dimensions in mm 145 x 100/10 (135 x 95)
Official foliation ff. 2 (+ 2 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning, 1 between ff. 1 and 2 and 10 at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house. Bound together in 1859.
Provenance The two parchment leaves formed the pastedown of a printed book in the British Museum collections: a note on the front flyleaf states 'Received from the Dept of Printed Books, 31 March 1859'.
Notes The leaves were probably paste downs for the cover of a small octavo book and were severely trimmed. Folio 1 has been reversed in the current binding, so the side listed as f. 1, containing the regnal lists, was formerly f. 1v.
The list of West Saxon kings from the god Woden to Alfred the Great is followed by regnal lists of East Saxon kings, with the third imperfect at the end (see Ker 1957). This is the only surviving pre-Conquest list of East-Saxon kings, according to Roberts (2005). It traces their descent from the god Seaxnet and ends with Sigered, who surrendered to Egbert, Alfred's grandfather, in 825.
The martyrology is for the days, 14th to 23rd April. It is in the same mixture of Mercian and West Saxon dialect as MS Additional 40165 and they were probably copied from the same exemplar (see Sisam 1953).
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Anglo-Saxon genealogy

f. 1
Anglo-Saxon genealogy
Verses for calculating Easter

f. 1v
Verses for calculating Easter

f. 2

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