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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 10015

Author Jean de Journi; Gossouin de Metz
Title La Disme de Penitanche (ff. 3-80v), including prayers for governing princes and nobles (ff. 73-80v) ; L'image du monde (ff. 81-200v)
Origin France, N. (Picardy?)
Date 4th quarter of the 13th century (after 1288)
Language French
Script Gothic
Decoration A full-page circular diagram of the cosmos, with a hell-mouth at the centre and Christ in a mandorla at the top (f. 197). Two framed miniatures (ff. 137v, 189v) and 21 astronomical or geographical diagrams in colours (ff. 115, 116v, 117, 117v, 118, 119, 122, 122v, 123 (x 2), 123v, 124, 159v, 161v, 163v, 164v, 166, 166v, 167v, 169, 170v). Two framed initials with a full foliate border in colours with gold at the beginning of the two texts, the first incorporating an archer shooting at two birds, a dog chasing a rabbit and a seated cat (f. 3) and the second with three birds (f. 82). Numerous initials in red or blue with pen-flourishing in the other colour.
Dimensions in mm 190 x 150 (140 x 75/55)
Official foliation ff. 200 (+ 7 unfoliated parchment folios at the beginning and 14 at the end).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Pre-1600; rebound using the original wooden boards with red leather and 5 round metal bosses with wheel pattern on the upper and lower covers (one missing on the upper binding).
Provenance The author of 'La Disme de Penitanche', a knight, includes his name twice, 'jehans, sires de journi' on f. 3v and 'jehan de journi' on f. 80v; he was perhaps the son of Anguerran de Journi the crusader who accompanied King Louis IX in 1270, Journi being a village in Pas de Calais (see Meyer Documents manuscrits (1871), pp. 13, 14). Jehan concludes the work by describing how he composed it in 1288 as an act of penance while he was lying ill 'en chipre droit a nicossie' (in Nicosia, Cyprus).
A colophon at the end of the 'Image du monde' (f. 200v) states, 'Mesires sains bodes fist chest romant benoiete sot lame de li'.
Added notes and pen-trials on flyleaves: 'Sancta maria ora pro nobis' (f. 1), 'jaspar fert mirrham thus melcior basta' (f. 2), the latter repeated in full or in part on ff. 95v, 97v, 113v, 120, and a pen-drawing of a jester's face with cap and bells on f. 1v.
'Jehan ?Jusque du Marche-en-Famenne dou 1549 le 29 jour de Septembris' inscribed on f. 141.
Bought by the British Museum from Thomas Rodd, booksellers of London, January 1836.
Notes La Disme de Penitanche is a 3,296-line poem, assembled from a wide variety of sources by Jehan de Journi, intended as a manual for the laity in their preparations for confession. This is the only known manuscript of the text, written in the Picard dialect. It includes a prayer for princes and nobles including Henry II of Lusignan and Charles II of Anjou, lamenting the decadence and corruption of contemporary government, particularly in Rome and the Crusader states (ff. 73-80v).
L'image du monde, an encyclopedic work of theology, geography and astronomy, was composed by Gossouin de Metz, a French cleric, in 1245, originally in Latin; this the first version of the text in French verse.
Quire numbering in the lower margins at the beginning of most quires: in lower case Roman numerals from i to ix in the Journi text (ff. 3-80) and in upper case Roman numerals from I to XV in the Gossouin text (ff. 81-200). Catchwords intermittently.
Select bibliography The British Museum Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts, 1836-1840 (London: British Museum, 1843), p. 4.

Paul Meyer, Documents manuscrits de l'ancienne litte´rature de la France conserve´s dans les Bibliothe`ques de la Grande-Bretagne, Extrait des Archives des Missions Scientifiques et Litte´raires, 5 vols (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1871), III, pp. 13-14, 50-61.

La dime de penitance, altfranzösisches Gedicht verfasst im Jahre 1288 von Jehan von Journi und aus einer Handschrift des British Museum, ed. by Dr Hermann Breymann, Bibliothek des litterarischen Vereins in Stuttgart, 120 (Tübingen: Fues, 1874), [iii], p. 97.

Jean-Charles Payen, Le Motif du Repentir dans la Litte´rature francaise me´die´vale (Geneva: Droz, 1968), pp. 569-76, 611.

Keith Sinclair, 'The Versified Adaptation of the Prone Prayers by Jean de Journy', Romanische Forschungen, 92 (1980), 247-50 (p. 247).

Jehan de Journi, La disme de penitanche, ed. by Glynn Hesketh, MHRA Critical Texts, 7 (London: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2006).

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f. 159v
Measuring the earth

f. 189v
Measuring the earth

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