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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Burney 95

ff. 2v-76v 
Author Andocides, Isaeus, and others
Title Orations, including De mysteriis (ff. 3-16); De reditu suo (ff. 16v-19); De pace (ff. 19-22v); In Alcibiadem (ff. 23-26v). Orations, including De Cleonymo (ff. 27-31); De Menecle (ff. 31-34v); De Phyrro (ff. 34v-41v); De Nicostrato (ff. 41v-44v); De Dicaeogene (ff. 44v-49); De Philoctemone (ff. 49v-54v); De Apollodoro (ff. 54v-58v); De Cirone (ff. 58v-63v); De Astyphilio (ff. 63v-67); De Aristarcho (ff. 67-70v); De Hagnia (ff. 70v-76v), and associated texts (the 'Codex Crippsianus')
ff. 77-130v 
Author Dinarchus, Antiphon, and others
Title Orations, including In Demostenem (ff. 77-90v); In Aristogitonem (ff. 90v-94); In Philoclem (ff. 94-96v); Pharmakeias kata tes metruias (ff. 97-100); Tetralogies 1-3 (ff. 100-113), Tou erodou phonou (ff. 113-124v); Peri tou choreutou (ff. 124v-130v); and associated texts
ff. 130v-170 
Author Lycurgus, Gorgias, and others
Title In Leocratem (ff. 130v-152); Helenes egkomion (ff. 152-154v); Hyper Palamedous apologia (ff. 154v-159), and political texts
Origin Eastern Mediterranean (Constantinople)
Date 1st quarter of the 14th century
Language Greek
Script Greek minuscule
Scribe Michael Klostomalles (identified by Lamberz 1993).
Decoration Red simple headpieces, some with woven or foliate patterns (ff. 3, 19, 22, 26v, 41v, 49, 49, 63v, 70v, 77, 90v, 94, 96v, 101, 107, 130v, 152, 162v). Large red initials, many with penwork decoration, or made up of geometric forms, and with birds; 1 zoomorphic red initial of a bird (f. 34v).
Dimensions in mm 300 x 220 (220 x 150)
Official foliation ff. ii + 174 (ff. i recto and 174v are paper flyleaves; ff. i verso, ii, 1, 2, 173, and 174r are parchment flyleaves)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Burney binding of tooled brown calf.
Provenance The monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos (early pressmark 'theseos 3' and between 1700 and 1799 inscription 'hek tes megales bibliothekes tou Vatopaidiou', f. 1).
Possibly part of the gift of the Emperor John VI Cantecuzenus between 1347 and 1354 (See Lamberz 1998 p. 571).
Prince Alexander Bano Hantzerli (French notes in his hand, ff. 1v, 45v-54v, 97-100, 152-154v, see Wyse, 1904, pp. xii-xiv).
Edward Daniel Clarke (b. 1769, d. 1822), antiquary and mineralogist, and John Marten Cripps (b. 1780, d. 1853), traveller and antiquary: acquired from Hantzerli after 1802.
Sold at the King and Locheé sale, 25 April 1808, bought by George Nicol (b. 1740?, d. 1828), bookseller and publisher, for £372 15s (printed enclosed sale notice, ff. 171-172v), possibly purchased for Burney.
Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), D.D., classical scholar: in his collection by 1812.
Acquired by the British Museum as part of Burney’s library from his son Charles Parr Burney in 1818.
Notes One of the primary witnesses of the texts of the minor Attic orators Andocides, Isaeus, Dinarchus and Antiphon.
Select bibliography Edward Daniel Clarke, Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, 4th edn, 11 vols (London: Cadell and Davies, 1814-1824), VIII (1818), 196.

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Summary Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts (London: British Library, 1999- ), I, 58-59.
Last revised: Saturday, February 5, 2005


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