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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Royal 1 B XII

Title Bible, with the Interpretation of Hebrew names (the 'Bible of William of Hales')
Origin England, S. (Salisbury)
Date 1254
Language Latin
Script Gothic, written below top line
Scribe William de Hales
Artists The Sarum Master
Decoration 35 historiated initials in gold and colours (ff. 1, 20v, 34, 43, 56, 67v, 84v, 95, 104, 114, 124, 133v, 145v, 158, 162v, 165v, 178, 186v, 198, 227v, 244, 267, 320, 330v, 337, 348, 356v, 367, 368, 375v, 379, 383v, 389v, 390, 390v), 12 initials with animals or human heads (ff. 153v, 183, 184v, 189, 191, 193v, 208, 209, 313, 369, 387, 391), at the beginning of biblical books, and foliate initials in gold and colours, some with grotesque figures (e.g., ff. 3v, 75, 388), at the beginning of other biblical books. A marginal drawing in black ink of Samson fighting with a lion (f. 80) next to Judges 14:1-5. Small initials in blue with red pen-flourishing, running titles and chapter numbers in blue.
Dimensions in mm 350 x 200 (200 x 120), in two columns
Official foliation ff. 431 (+ 3 unfoliated modern paper flyleaves at the beginning and at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Written by William de Hales for Thomas de la Wile, a canon of Salisbury (1254): inscribed 'Hunc librum scripsit Will[elmu]s de Hales, / magist[r]o Thome de la Wile, quem vocavit / magist[er] Radulfus de Hehham tunc cancel/larius Sar[isburiensis] ad regim[en] scola[rum] Sar[isburiensium] quibus / d[eu]s in hoc s[e]c[u]lo et in futuro p[ro]picientur. Amen. / F[a]c[tu]s fuit libere anno M cc.l. quarto. ab i[n]/carnatione domini'. (f. 431).
John Theyer (bap. 1598, d. 1673), antiquary, included in the catalogue of his library left to his grandson Charles Theyer (b. 1651): see Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae, 3 vols (Oxford: Sheldonian, '1697'), II, no. 6462 (?);
Robert Scott (b. c. 1632, d. 1709/10), London bookseller: included in the list of John Theyer’s manuscripts in his possession, assessed in 1678 by William Beveridge and William Jane, Royal Appendix, 70, no. 42.
Charles II (b. 1630, d.1685), king of England, Scotland, and Ireland: purchased from Scott together over 300 other manuscripts from Theyer's library.
Presented to the British Museum by George II in 1757 as part of the Old Royal Library.
Notes Includes the Interpretation of Hebrew names (ff. 399v-431).
Catchwords, quire signatures in the form of Roman numerals.
According to Nigel Morgan (see Morgan 1988, p. 62), only a few initials are by the Sarum Master himself (e.g., ff. 84v, 95, 114, 208, 183, 184v, 193v, 320, 368, 389v, 390, 390v). Other initials are by two or three different artists, one perhaps related to the style of the Bible, Paris, BNF, ms. lat. 15 (no. 105).
The text is a copy of the early 12th-century Bible, Salisbury Cathedral MS 184 (see Glunz 1933, no. 51, where the Salisbury Cathedral exemplar is incorrectly given as MS 148) .
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* * *

f. 34
Samson and a lion

f. 80
Samson and a lion
Elkanah and Hannah

f. 84v
Elkanah and Hannah

f. 153v
Three-faced man

f. 193v
Three-faced man

f. 368

f. 435

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