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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 15254

Title Bible, Genesis to Ruth
Origin Netherlands, S. (?Meuse valley)
Date c.1430
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Artists The painting on f. 13 related to the style of Jan van Eyck
Decoration 2 historiated initials with illustrations in colours and gold (ff. 3, 13), the second with a full historiated border of angels with scrolls containing quotes from Augustine, and paired pagan and Christian philosophers, including Augustine with his attribute of a heart, Albertus Magnus in discussion with Averroes, in Eastern dress, and to the right, Old Testament figures include Melchisedek in the centre.. 15 large puzzle initial in blue and gold with red and blue penwork decoration, some with floral decoration in blue, white, red and gold inside the letter, and partial (one- or three-sided) borders in blue and gold, or red and blue (ff. 10, 67v, 110v, 139, 189, 227, 228, 229, 256v); 6 large puzzle initials in red and blue with red penwork, some with with partial (one-sided) borders in red and blue (ff. 11, 64v, 109, 139v, 185v, 255v); 1 large initial ('I') with gold outline and white flowers in blue or purple roundels inside the letter (f. 285). Numerous small initials in blue or red with red or blue penwork decoration.
Dimensions in mm 515 x 370 (340 x 210), written in two columns
Official foliation ff. 289 (+ 2 unfoliated 17 th -century paper flyleaves and 2 unfoliated modern parchment flyleaves at the beginning + 2 unfoliated modern parchment flyleaves + 1 unfoliated modern paper flyleaf at the end); f. 1 is a 17th-century paper leaf; 1 unfoliated paper leaf between f. 12 and f. 13.
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. 17th-century blind-stamped and –tooled brown leather binding re-backed at the British Museum: gold-tooled spine.
Provenance The Benedictine abbey of St James, Liège: its coat of arms (a compass surrounded by three stars) and motto (‘CONSTANTER AD ASTRA’) pasted on the spine; Abbot Egidius Briamont restored the manuscript here in 1657: inscribed ‘Hoc volume reparatum fuit p[er] d[omi]nu[m] Aegidii Briamont Abb[atem] Tempore A[nno] 1657’ (f. 1v); The abbey's shelfmark ‘C. 1’ on f. 2r.

Augustus Frederick (b. 1773, d.1843), Duke of Sussex: his bookplate pasted into inside cover; his sale, Evans, London, 31 July 1844, Lot 108. Purchased by the British Museum for £ 15.15 (inscription in vol. 1 on f [ii] verso: ‘Purchased at the sale of the Duke of Sussex’s M[anuscript]s 31 July, 1844. Lot 108. (5 vols)’); see also the auction catalogue Bibliotheca Sussexiana (1844), II, lot 108.
Notes The first of five volumes. The remaining volumes are Add Mss 15255-15258.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Musuem in the Years 1841-1845 (London: British Museum, 1850), p. 120.

Walter De Gray Birch and Henry Jenner, Early Drawings and Illuminations: An Introduction to the Study of Ilustrated Manuscripts (London: Bagster and Sons, 1879), p. 16.

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Medieval Mastery: Book Illumination from Charlemagne to Charles the Bold 800-1475 (Leuven: Brepols, 2002), no. 71 [exhibition catalogue]

The new Cambridge history of the Bible from 600 to 1450, ed. by Richard Marsden and E. Ann Matter (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012), no 50.

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f. 3
Old Testament

f. 13
Old Testament

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