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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 16914

Title Leaves from a Missal of Cardinal Domenico della Rovere
Origin Italy, Central (Rome)
Date c. 1478 - c. 1483
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Artists Master of the della Rovere Missals , identified with Jacques Ravaud/Jacopo Ravaldi (active in Rome and France, c. 1467 - c. 1506).
Decoration 2 historiated and foliate full borders in colours and gold, of medallions with half-length figures of God the Father, a saint writing and a prophet holding a scroll inscribed: 'ecce virgo conc(ipiet) et pa(riet filium) (f. a); and God the Father, a monk reading and a prophet (f. b). Large historiated initials 'V'(ultum) of the Annunciation (f. a) and ‘D’(ominus) of Christ's Entry into Jerusalem (f. b) with display script for textual openings with letters in four (f. a) and three-colour (f. b) sequences, in colours and gold. The initials introduced the introits to the Masses for the feasts of the Annunciation to the Virgin (25 March) and Palm Sunday, respectively. Initials ‘D’ and ‘I’ with extensions, in colours and gold, (ff. a verso and b verso). Foliate initials ‘E’ and ‘D’ in colours and gold (ff. a, b). 2 small initials in colours and gold (f. bv).
Dimensions in mm 330 x 240 (220 x 160)
Official foliation Parchment leaves, foliated as 'a' and 'b'.
Form Parchment leaves in double-sided window mounts, kept in a box.
Binding N/A
Provenance Domenico della Rovere (b. 1442; r. 1478, d. 1501), Cardinal: ff. a and b were excised from between ff. 103v & 104 and ff. 74v & 75 respectively, of the second of a four-volume Missal (now Turin, Archivio di Stato, Ms Jb. II. 2) made for della Rovere between his nomination as cardinal in 1478 and the death of Sixtus IV in 1484. The three other volumes are now New York, Pierpont Morgan Lib., M. 306 and Turin, Archivio di Stato, MSS J. b. II.3-4. It is probable that the Missal was completed before 15 August 1483, the date of the solemn inauguration of the Sistine Chapel.
Thomas Rodd the younger (b. 1796, d. 1849), London bookseller: note in Frederic Madden's hand '16,914.a.b. / The two miniatures which follow (cut out of a missal executed in Italy in the 15th century) were purchased of Mr. Thomas Rodd, 17th April 1847. F. M.'.
Purchased by the British Museum in 1847.
Notes Italian cuttings.
f. b is mounted with its recto as verso. The verso of f. b contains text from the end of the rubric for the Blessing of the Palms from the Mass for Passion Sunday and is followed by the beginning of the Mass for Palm Sunday on the recto. The text reads in the correct order: 'I[ntroitus]. Gl[or]ia laus. I[ntroitus]. Sit pia p[ro] / palme nobis victoria ramis. / Ut tibi victrici vite sorte ca / namus ita. In[troitus]. Gl[or]ia laus. Po / stea intrat processio eccle / siam cantando R[esponsorium]. / Ingredie[n]te d[o]m[in]o in sancta[m] / civitate[m]. Pueri hebreoru[m / ] resurrectio[n]em inte p[ro]nu[n]tiantes. / Cum ramis palmarum. osanna / clamaba[n]t in excelsis. I[ntroitus] Cu[m] / q[ue] audisset p[o][p]l[s] q[uia] ihesus veniret' // ierosolima[m] exierunt obvia[m] ei. Cu[m] / D[omi]nica in ramis palmarum ad missam Intr / oitus. Statio ad sanctum / Johannem in laterano'.
The text on the recto of f. a reads: 'Vultum tu / um deprecabuntur omnes di / vites plebis adducentur regi / virgines post eam proxime e / ius adducentur tibi in letitia / et exultatione. Ps[almus]. Eructa / (verso) vit cor meum verbum bonum. / dico ego opera mea regi. I[ntroitus]]. / Gloria p[at]ri et filio. Oratio. / Deus qui de beate / marie / virginis ute / ro verbum tuum angelo / nuntiante carnem suscipe[re] / voluisti: presta supplicib[us] / tuis. Ut qui vere eam dei / genitricem credimus. Ei[us] / apud te intercessionibus / adiuvemur. Per eunde[m]'.
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1846-1847 (London: British Museum, 1882), p. 324.

Mirella Levi D'Ancona, 'Le Maître des Missels Della Rovere: rapports entre la France et l'Italie vers la fin due Xve et le début du XVIe siècle', in Relations artistiques entre la France et les autres pays depuis le haut moyen age jusqu'a` la fin du XIXe siècle: Actes du XIXe Congre`s international d'histoire de l'art, Paris, 8-13 Septembre 1958 (Paris: s.n., 1959), pp. 256-63 (p. 259).

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Ada Quazza, 'La Committenza di Domenico della Rovere nella Roma di Sisto IV', in Domenico della Rovere e il Duomo Nuovo di Torino: Rinascimento nella Roma e in Piemonte, ed. by Giovanni Romano (Turin: Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, 1990), pp. 13-40 (p.20 ).

J. J. G. Alexander, 'Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in British Collections', in La Miniatura Italiana tra Gotico e Rinascimento: atti del II Congresso di Storia della Miniatura Italiana, Cortona, 24-26 settembre 1982, ed. by Emanuela Sesti (Florence: Olschki, 1985), 99-126 (p. 110 n. 30), reprinted in Jonathan J. G. Alexander, Studies in Italian Manuscript Illumination (London: Pindar Press, 2002), 22-54, 382-84 (p. 33 n. 30).

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f. a

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