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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Egerton 1900

Title Account of a journey from Venice to Palestine, Mount Sinai and Egypt
Origin Germany, S. (Passau?)
Date c. 1467
Language German
Script Gothic cursive
Decoration Numerous miniatures in colours. Spaces for large initials (ff. 2, 3). Small initials in plain red.
Dimensions in mm 215 x 160 (145 x 100)
Official foliation ff. 156 (+ 4 paper flyleaves at the beginning, and 4 at the end)
Form Paper codex
Binding BM/BL in-house.
Provenance Contemporary note at the end of the volume, perhaps by the author(?) 'Anno 1467 die octavo decembris iuit ad terram sanctam Gabriel Muffel filius tertius Nicolai Muffell' (f. 156).
Bought by the British Museum, using the Bridgewater fund (£12,000 bequeathed in 1829 by Francis Henry Egerton, 8th Earl of Bridgewater (b. 1756, d. 1829).
Notes ff. 151v-155v added texts in different contemporary hands.
f. 156 is a thick piece of vellum and was probably used formerly as binding.
The paper dated 1449-1453.
The text recounts an expedition said to have been made in 1465 by Gabriel Muffel, third son of the Nuremburg patrician Nicholas Muffel. It is a German translation of the Italian account of a visit to the Holy Land in 1346-50 by the Franciscan friar Niccolo da Poggibonsi, the Libro d’oltramare, and is the only known surviving illustrated manuscript version of that journey see Lowden, tour.
For a manuscript related to this one, see Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, St. Peter pap. 32:
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1853-1875 (London: British Museum, 1877), no. Eg. 1900.

Deutsche Handschriften in England, ed. by Robert Priebsch, 2 vols in 1 vol (Hildesheim: Olms, 1979, first publ. Erlangen: Junge, 1896-1901), II: Das British Museum mit einem anhang über die Guildhall-Bibliothek, pp. 75-6.

C. D. M. Cossar, The German translation of Niccolo` da Poggibonsi’s ’Libro d’oltramare’, Go¨ppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik, 452 (Go¨ppingen: Ku¨mmerle, 1985 [based on this manuscript, with additional bibliography].

* * *
Coloured drawing

f. 4
Coloured drawing

f. 4v

f. 5

f. 6v

f. 7v

f. 9v

f. 12v

ff. 13v-14

f. 15

f. 18v

f. 18v

f. 19v

f. 20v

f. 23v

f. 26

f. 27

f. 28

f. 29

f. 29v

f. 30v

ff. 31v-32

f. 33

ff. 34v-35

f. 36

f. 37

f. 37v

f. 38v

ff. 39v-40

f. 40v

f. 41v

f. 42v

ff. 43v-44

ff. 44v-45

f. 46

f. 47

ff. 47v-48

f. 48

f. 49v

f. 51

f. 52

ff. 52v-53

f. 54

f. 54v

f. 55v

f. 57

ff. 57v-58

ff. 59v-60

f. 61v

f. 63

ff. 63v-64

ff. 64v-65

f. 65v

f. 66v

f. 67v

f. 68v

f. 70

f. 71

ff. 71v-72

f. 73

ff. 73v-74

f. 74v

ff. 75v-76

ff. 76v-77

f. 78

f. 78v

ff. 78v-79

ff. 80v-81

f. 82v

ff. 83v-84

ff. 84v-85

ff. 85v-86

ff. 88v-89

f. 90

f. 91

f. 91v

ff. 92v-93

f. 94

f. 95

f. 95v

f. 97

f. 98

f. 98v

f. 99v

f. 100v

ff. 101v-102

f. 103

ff. 104v-105

f. 106

f. 106

f. 110

f. 110

f. 110v

f. 111

f. 111v

f. 113v

ff. 114v-115

ff. 115v-116

f. 116

ff. 116v-117

f. 117v

f. 119v

f. 122

f. 124v

f. 125v

f. 126v

ff. 128v-129

f. 129v

f. 130v

f. 131v

f. 132v

f. 135

f. 138

f. 139

ff. 139v-140

f. 141v

f. 143v

f. 144

ff. 144v-145

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