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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 32246

Author Prisciano; Aelfric
Title Part of the Excerptiones with Old English and Latin marginal glosses; Colloquy, imperfect (ff. 18-19)
Origin England
Date 1st half of the 11th century
Language Latin and Old English
Script Caroline minuscule
Decoration Large initials in red (now oxidised) at the beginning of each chapter. Some rubrics and capitals highlighted in red (now oxidised).
Dimensions in mm 285/90 (225 x 140)
Official foliation ff. 24 (+3 unfoliated paper flyleaves at the beginning and 2 at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Black leather with gold tooling and marbled end-papers.
Provenance Originally formed one volume with Antwerp Plantin-Moretus Museum 16.2, (formerly 47) which contains the remainder of the text and glosses.
Perhaps from the Benedictine abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Abingdon, Berkshire: commemorations of saints Edward and Eustace and of Archbishop Aelfric (see f. 1, Plantin-Moretus 16.2).
Wulfgar, abbot of Abingdon (989-1016)?: he is addressed as 'nobilis alme pater' in elegaic verses added on the front flyleaf by a French monk named Herbert, asking for warm clothing (f. 1v).
John Moretus, printer and bibliophile, (b. 1543, d.1610): listed in the catalogue of his library of 1592 (see Ker 1957, p. 3)
Patrick Young [Junius] (b. 1584, d. 1652), librarian and biblical scholar and writer: made a copy of the glosses Oxford, Bodleian MS Junius 71; his records show that it was still one volume at this time.
Dr Ludwig Nolte, librarian to the King of Hanover (c.1863), owned by him according to Duemmler (1884).
Purchased by the British Museum from J. M. Sullivan on 23 February 1884.
Notes Front flyleaf (f. 1v) contains Latin elegaic verses addressed by a French monk named Herbert to an abbot named Wulfgar asking for warm winter clothing.
This manuscript is closely associated with Antwerp, Plantin-Moretus MS 16.8 (Boethius, de consolatione Philosophiae) and Brussels, Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België MS 1650 (a glossed copy of Aldhelm's De virginitate). They were copied by the same scribe and may have originally been part of a single volume (see Ker 1957).
There are a few Old English glosses to the Priscian text in the same hand as the text, a Latin-Old English glossary in the margins throughout and part of Aelfric's colloquy on ff. 18-19v.
There are Latin interlinear and marginal glosses throuthout.
Select bibliography E. Dümmler, 'Lateinische Gedichte des neunten bis elften Jahrhunderts', Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft fur deutsche Geschichtskunde, 10 (1884), 333-57 (pp. 51-53).

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Priscian, Excerptiones de Prisciano: The Sources for Aelfric's Latin-Old English Grammar, ed. by David W. Porter, Anglo-Saxon Texts, 4 (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2002), pp. 1-4, 48-200 [an edition and translation of the text], 397.

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