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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Egerton 3127

Author Cocharelli
Title 2 leaves from a prose treatise on the Seven Vices
Origin Italy, N. W. (Genoa)
Date c. 1330 - c. 1340
Language Latin
Script Gothic
Artists Master of the Cocharelli codex (active in Genoa, ca. 1330)
Decoration 1 miniature of a hunting party filling the space at the end of the text including the borders, in colours and gold (f. 1v). 1 full historiated border illustrating Treachery, with some figures partly unfinished, in colours and gold (f. 2). Text pages with full decorated borders, containing roundels with insects in the lower borders, in colours and gold (ff. 1, 2v). Large and small initials in gold on red and blue grounds. Line fillers made of insects like caterpillars, etc (f. 2).
Dimensions in mm 170 x 105 (125 x 80) in two columns
Official foliation Parchments leaves foliated as '1' and '2'.
Form Parchment leaves in double-sided paper window mounts, bound together in an album.
Binding Post-1600. Green leather.
Provenance The text composed by a member of the Cocharelli family of Genoa, probably before 1324 for the instruction of children of the family, illustrated with tales described by Pelegrino Cocharelli (see Backhouse 1997; Fabbri 2004).
Bought by the British Museum in 1934, using the Bridgewater fund (£12,000 bequeathed in 1829 by Francis Henry Egerton, 8th Earl of Bridgewater (b. 1756, d. 1829).
Notes Italian cuttings.
Other leaves and cuttings of this volume are Add. 27695, Add. 28841, and Egerton 3781; Cleveland, Museum of Art, J.H. Wade Fund n. 1953.152; and Florence, Museo del Bargello, inv. 2065. Another section was sold as part of 'Eine Wiener Sammlung', Berlin, 12 May 1930, lot 3, with plate.
Select bibliography The bibliography for all of the cuttings (see Notes):

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* * *

f. 1
Hunting party

f. 1v
Hunting party

f. 2

f. 2v

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