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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Harley 4338

Author Boethius (anonymous French translation)
Title Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion (Book 4)
Origin France, Central (Bourges)
Date 1477
Language Latin and French
Script Gothic cursive
Scribe André Rousseau (signed Roussellj).
Artists Attributed to Jean Colombe.
Decoration 1 full-page miniature with a large decorated foliate initial, in colours and gold (f. 1v). Large decorated foliate initials, in colours and gold. Small initials, paraph marks and line fillers in gold on red or blue grounds. Cadels. Capital letters highlighted in yellow.
Dimensions in mm 185 x 130 (125 x 65)
Official foliation ff. 1* + 97 (+ 1 unfoliated medieval parchment flyleaf at the end)
Form Parchment codex
Binding Pre-1600. Gold-tooled brown leather, c. 1616 (see provenance); remains of black silk ties; gilt edges.
Provenance Written by André Rousseau: inscribed 'Explicit ... Prima mensis februarij Anno domini Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo sexto [1477 n.s.] ... [signed] Roussellj' (vol. V, f. 80v).
Gabriel Hinselin, by 1616: his name inscribed with the date (f. 1*); his arms (vol. I, ff. 91, 92 and vol. V, f. 81) and a black wax seal inside upper cover.
The Harley Collection, formed by Robert Harley (b. 1661, d. 1724), 1st earl of Oxford and Mortimer, politician, and Edward Harley (b. 1689, d. 1741), 2nd earl of Oxford and Mortimer, book collector and patron of the arts, inscribed as usual by their librarian, Humfrey Wanley '24 die Januarij, A.D. 1722/3.' (f. 1*). Edward Harley bequeathed the library to his widow, Henrietta Cavendish, née Holles (b. 1694, d. 1755) during her lifetime and thereafter to their daughter, Margaret Cavendish Bentinck (b. 1715, d.1785), duchess of Portland; the manuscripts were sold by the Countess and the Duchess in 1753 to the nation for £10,000 (a fraction of their contemporary value) under the Act of Parliament that also established the British Museum; the Harley manuscripts form one of the foundation collections of the British Library.
Notes Fourth volume of a five-volume set, Harley 4335-39.
Anonymous verse-prose French translation.
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Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion ed. by Glynnis M. Cropp, Textes Littéraires Français (Geneva: Droz, 2006).

* * *
Fortune, Philosophy and Boethius

f. 1v
Fortune, Philosophy and Boethius

f. 1v

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