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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 36615

Part 1 ff.1v-281v 
Author Godefroy de Boulogne
Title Le Roman de Godefroy de Bouillon (Le Chevalier au Cygne), imperfect.
Origin France
Date 14th century
Language French
Script Gothic
Decoration Small initials in red or blue.
Dimensions in mm 260 x 190 (210 x 150)
Part 2  
Title Ivory panel inserted in the upper cover
Origin France
Date 14th century
Decoration Fragment probably originally from a casket with scenes from Arthurian romance:
Gawain in armour fighting the lion; Lancelot, driven by his love for Guinevere, crossing the sword bridge while spears and darts fall on him from the sky; Gawain, at the Castle of Merveille, sleeping with his own sword on the perilous bed; and the three maidens at the Castle of Merveille.
Dimensions in mm 190 x 75
Official foliation ff. 281 (+ 1 unfoliated modern parchment leaf at the beginning and at the end).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Leathers cover with coloured heraldic shield and stamps, late eighteenth or nineteenth century.
Provenance Jehan Fagot, 'A moi Jehan Fagot cest liber est bon, avec page de cursive': inscribed (f. 83).
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Barrois (b. 1784, d. 1855), French deputy and book collector (see Hugh Collingham, 'Joseph Barrois: Portrait of a Bibliophile XXVI', Book Collector, 33 (1984), 431-48).
Bertram Ashburnham (b. 1797, d. 1878), 4th earl of Ashburnham: acquired with the other Barrois manuscripts in 1849 (Bibliotèque de l'École des chartes, 2e série, II, pp. 193-264).
Bertram Ashburnham (b. 1840, d. 1913), 5th earl of Ashburnham: sold in the Ashburnham-Barrois sale, 10 June 1901, lot 238; purchased by the British Museum for £99 (inscription f. [i]).
Notes The first page is stained and partly illegible, especially at the top.
The first eight leaves are wrongly bound: the order should be ff. 1, 2, 5-8, 3, 4. Then comes a lacuna, probably of twenty leaves. After f. 82 is another lacuna, apparently of three leaves; f. 83 is inserted, but is a little later than the original. Only a little over a column of this leaf is occupied by the text (which is continued on f. 84).
f. 83v includes an added charm against illness, in French prose, beginning, "Auxci verrament come Dieux fust est et serra" and consisting mainly of a paraphrase of the Apostles Creed.
ff. 92-96 are inserted leaves (the text running on from f. 91v to f. 97), containing the episode of the Serpent's Mother, which does not appear to be in "Les Chétifs".
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Part  2  
Ivory panel inserted in the upper cover
* * *
Ivory panel

upper outside cover
Ivory panel

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