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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Detailed record for Additional 12029

Title Histoire universelle (Histoire ancienne jusqu'à Cesar)
Origin France, Paris
Date 2nd quarter of the 14th century
Language French
Script Gothic
Artists Miniatures by 4 different artists (Oltrogge,Illustrationszykle (1989), p. 261)
Decoration One four-part miniature with full border in colours with gold (f. 1). 46 framed miniatures in colours with gold, some on chequered or diapered grounds (ff. 1v, 2v, 4v (2), 5, 9, 19, 20v, 22v, 25, 27, 32v, 35v, 40v, 43, 54, 57v, 64, 67v, 71v, 76, 83, 88, 91, 94v, 96, 100, 102v, 104, 106, 108, 112, 115v, 120v, 124, 128, 129, 141v, 147v, 148v, 159, 161v, 168, 172, 179, 186). Framed initials in blue or rose on gold grounds with full borders in colours with gold on all folios, some with zoomorphic decoration. Rubrics in red. Catchwords outlined in red. Instructions to illuminators in two different hands in lower margins.
Dimensions in mm 370 x 265 (280 x 185) in two columns
Official foliation ff. 188 (+ 2 unfoliated paper flyleaf and 2 unfoliated parchment flyleaves at the beginning and 2 parchment and 1 paper flyleaves at the end)
Collation i11 (ff. 1-11), ii-xi12 (ff. 12-131), xii11 (ff.132-142), xiii-xv12 (ff. 143-178), xvi10(ff. 179-188).
Form Parchment codex
Binding Post-1600. Brown leather binding with gold tooling by C. Hering (label on f. [i] verso).
Provenance Michel Ellain, a note in French, dated October 1509 '.....present livre appartient a michel ellain...' (f. 188v).
Angeline Allart, of Angers, a note in French signed by her, dated September 1583 (f. 188v).
Samuel Butler (b. 1774, d. 1839), headmaster and bishop of Coventry and Lichfield: the sale catalogue of his library, Christie and Manson, 1 June, 1840, part 3, lot 466 (sale aborted).
Reverend Thomas Butler (b. 1806, d. 1886), clergyman and naturalist, bought from him by the British Museum on 5 July 1841.
Notes Contains the first redaction of the text, Section II, chapter 3 to Section X (section I, Genesis is omitted): see Jung, Légende de Troie en France, (1996), pp.337-42.
This is the earliest French manuscript containing only the Histoire Ancienne (without Genesis).
Select bibliography Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum in the Years 1841-1845 (London: British Museum, 1850), p. 26.

Fritz Saxl and Hans Meier, Verzeichnis Astrologischer und Mythologischer illustrierter Handschriften des lateinischen Mittelalters, 3, 1 (London: Warburg Institute, 1953), pp. 14-16 and fig. 55.

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David J. A. Ross, Studies in the Alexander Romance (London: Pindar, 1985), pp. 175-78.

Christopher Buswell and Beekman Taylor, ' The Fairie Queene Eleyne in Chaucer's Troilius' Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies, 63 (1988), 203-311.

Doris Oltrogge, Die Illustrationszyklen zur 'Histoire ancienne jusqu'a César', European University Studies, 28 (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1989), pp 30-31, 258-61.

Marc-René Jung, La Légende de Troie en France au moyen age (Basel & Tubingen: Francke Verlag, 1996), pp. 342, 354-55, 357.

Histoire Ancienne jusqu'a César (Estoires Roger), ed. by Marijke de Visser-van Terwisga, 2 vols (Orleans: Paradigme, 1999), I [an edition of the text], II, pp. 13, 18, n. 23.

* * *
The conquest  of Troy

f. 22v
The conquest of Troy

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