Miniature books by your favourite authors

Delve into tiny, handmade books by Jacqueline Wilson, Axel Scheffler, Philip Ardagh, Joseph Coelho, Katherine Rundell, Viviane Schwarz and Jane Porter. Then get tips for writing your own mini book from author, S F Said.

Miniature books by Axel Scheffler

In this brand new book by Axel Scheffler – specially made for the British Library – Fipsy the squirrel finds out how to make home-schooling fun. Axel also shows us his own tiny version of The Snail and the Whale and a copy of The Gruffalo, made for his daughter’s dolls' house.

A Rabbit Tale by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson introduces us to Radish, the toy rabbit who lives on her desk.

Tim Little by Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh tells the tiny tale of Tim Little, who has very little time to get to the library! Can you find all the hidden details for book-fiends and library-lovers?

Lightning by Viviane Schwarz

Viviane Schwarz’s exquisite book, Lightning, explores beginnings and endings.

Skyscraper by Viviane Schwarz

In Viviane Schwarz’s Skyscraper, a girl looks from her window to see a tower block winking back at her.

The Sunshine Cupboard by Jane Porter

In this gorgeous pop-up book, Jane Porter opens The Sunshine Cupboard to bring the colours of the rainbow inside on a rainy day.

The Young Bird Catcher by Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell reads the opening of her story, The Young Bird Catcher, while her black Labrador Rainbow listens eagerly.

Writing tips from S F Said

SF Said, the author of Varjak Paw, offers tips for writing your own miniature book.

The Fossil by Joseph Coelho

The Fossil, by Joseph Coelho, is a gentle story about creatures from the sea who have dark intentions.

The Fossil, by writer and poet Joseph Coelho, is a gentle story about creatures from the sea who have dark intentions.

Follow our guide to making miniature books – or giant books if you prefer!

More activities

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Make a miniature book

What’s the smallest book you can think of? Who would you read it with? Learn how to make your own tiny book!

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Build a giant book

What kind of books do you think giants would read? Have a go at making a book worthy of a giant’s bookshelf using materials found around your home or school.

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Create a miniature adventure

Create an illustrated adventure story, exploring what it would be like to be really small.

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