A moment in time: Create poetry with Joseph Coelho for National Writing Day 2021

National Writing Day (23 June 2021) is the annual celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing, led by First Story. The British Library are proud to be a National Writing Day partner.

This year, with inspiration from Grace Nichols and James Berry, Joseph Coelho invites you to write a poem about a single moment in time and try out some simple drafting techniques to ‘polish’ your poem. Plus, check out Joseph’s tips for all budding poets!

Suitable for upper Key Stage 2 students.

To get started, simply download the PDF resource.

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Printable resource: A moment in time

Click on the picture to download Joseph Coelho's 'A moment in time' PDF resource.

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Photograph of Joseph Coelho

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Photograph portrait of Joseph Coelho inside an illustrated picture frame. To the right of the picture frame are illustrations of pencils, painbrushes, a pencil sharpener with shavings, paint palettes and an eraser. These are on a white background

Interview with Joseph Coelho

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