Craft materials and small animal figurines arranged on a white surface. The animals 'watch' A pair of adult hands is drawing in a card

Videos for Creativity

Make and create your very own books

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Two illustrations side by side. The left hand image shows a person gesturing towards a floating book entitled 'your story'. The right hand image shows the same person surrounded by space ships, a wand, a wizard or witches hat and a handheld mirror

Videos for Step Inside Your Story

Anyone can be the author or the star of a story, find ideas to inspire you in these videos.

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Photograph of Joseph Coelho standing with the sea behind him, he is holding a miniature book.

Videos for miniature books

What’s the smallest book you can think of? Who would you read it with?

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A cutout of a suitcase illustrated with animals

Videos for Pack Your Suitcase With Paddington™

If you were going on a journey like Paddington, what would you pack to remind you of home? Find inspiration from authors and illustrators to create your own suitcase and reveal what’s inside.

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A photograph of John Hegley sitting on a balcony, wearing glasses and a patterned shirt and holding a Mahalo Kahiko

Videos for poetry notebooks

Find inspiration and advice to create your own poetry notebooks

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Story teller Sandra Agard, wearing purple, faces the camera in order to begin telling a story

Videos for Early Years

Exciting stories inspired by our collections

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