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Axel Scheffler: The evolution of the Gruffalo

How do you go from a bright idea in your head, to a picture book in your hands? In this video, Axel Scheffler reveals how he transformed a few descriptors – purple prickles, poisonous wart and knobbly knees – into the Gruffalo we know and love.

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With pens and art equipment scattered across a desk, in the middle of the frame is an illustration of the Gruffalo.

Axel Scheffler: How to draw a Gruffalo

Follow Axel Scheffler’s process from pencil to paint, as he shows you how to draw your very own Gruffalo. We’ll give you a hint… start with the horns! You’ll be perfecting your own characters in no time.

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A painting of a fox in progress

Axel Scheffler: Top 3 tips for budding illustrators

In a picture book, illustrations are just as important as words to bring a story to life. In this video Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the well-loved Gruffalo books, gives his top tips for budding artists.

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Pastels arranged in a circle

Viviane Schwarz: Making a story

Once you’ve got your characters, you can get started on your story. In this clip Viviane Schwarz shows us how she creates an illustration, with lots of colour and collage. Why not grab some scraps of paper and a paintbrush, and see where your imagination takes you?

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a lady in a artists studio working on a picture

Viviane Schwarz: How to develop a character

What do you think an angry shape would look like? How would your angry shape turn into a character in a story? In this video, writer and illustrator Viviane Schwarz shows us some unusual techniques for coming up with your characters.

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doodles on cut out pieces of paper on a workbench

Viviane Schwarz: How to find out more about your character

You know what your characters look like, but to write a story you need to find out who they are. Do they have a favourite food? What are they afraid of? Viviane Schwarz talks us through her simple steps for getting to know your characters.

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Photo of a completed V fold pop-up book page. The page has pop-up green mountains in front of which are a pink dragon and an orange wizard

Pop-up Book technique: V fold

Surprise yourself as you open the page with this classic pop-up book method.

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Photo of a completed theater pop-up book page. The page depicts Red curtains with a Minotaur climbing through a window. A man in a toga waves a sword at the monster.

Pop-up Book technique: Theatre book

Imagine you’re eagerly sitting in the audience of a glamorous theatre. When the curtains are pulled back, who do you want to see on the stage? With this activity you can make your very own 3D pop up theatre and set the scene!

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Still from video showing illustration of a treasure chest and colouring pencils

Pop-up Book technique: Lift the Flap

What's inside your treasure chest? Who's knocking at your door? What will you see when you open your book cover? Easy to make and easy to operate, a flap is a wonderful way of concealing something. Lift the flap and something else is revealed!

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Craft materials and small animal figurines arranged on a white surface. The animals 'watch' A pair of adult hands is drawing in a card

Make a pop-up poetry notebook

Bind your own pop-up poetry notebook and follow our fabulous prompts to help you see the world like a poet.

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A selection of craft materials spread out on a desk.

Make a mini book

Find out how to make a tiny book. Will you make an adventure tale, a recipe book, a computer game guide or a history of Ancient Egypt?

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A toy theatre made out of recycled papers

Make your own toy theatre

Make your own toy theatre using recycled materials. What festive show will your characters perform - a pantomime, a circus, or a talent show? Watch our instructional film to find out more

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Joseph Coelho on a background showing children's hand-made poetry books

Joseph Coelho celebrates children's pop-up poetry notebooks

Children across the UK created poetry notebooks full of wonderful verses, pictures and pop-up elements. Joseph Coelho explores their work and answers children's questions about what it's like to be a famous poet.

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