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Overhead view of a desk.  The person is drawing a bug, which they hold in one hand. The desk is full of shells, pencils string, photographs and other trinkets.

All activities

Get creative with activities for children of all ages. Invent your own superhero, make a pop-up book and much more.

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Illustration of a cross-section of a theatre. The audience and actors are mice

Animals that talk

From fantastical medieval beasts to Winnie the Pooh and Varjak Paw, meet the wonderful creatures that bring children’s books to life.

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Illustration of Tracy Beaker pulling the hair of another child

Behaving and misbehaving

From strict behaviour manuals to rebellious rule-breakers, explore the morals and mischief at the heart of children’s books.

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A adult's hand holding an open a miniature book

Big and small

From books that fit in the palm of your hand to Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant, find out how children’s writing plays with ideas of size and scale.

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A red square hovers above black rectangles and squares

Changing the world

From campaigns against slavery to climate change resistance, discover the power of children’s books to fight for a better world.

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Trees, a tiger, a fox and a face on a red background

Fairy tales and folktales

From Red Riding Hood to Hua Mulan, from Anancy to Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, read ancient stories and playful new tales from around the world.

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A showdowy figure picking up two people


Face your fears by exploring the most spine-tingling stories, from dark and enchanting fairy tales to Coraline and Haunted House.

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A tiger standing up and retrieving food from a cupboard, next to a young girl who sits on the floor and looks up


From Alice in Wonderland’s bottles to baby bear’s perfect porridge, discover the temptations of food in children’s books.

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A child in pyjamas sits on a bed looking out of a window at the snow

Home and belonging

How do children’s books explore questions of home, family and belonging? Delve into books by Jacqueline Wilson, Errol Lloyd and many more.

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Purple background with illustrations of pencils, paintbrushes, earasers, pencil sharpeners and pencil sharpenings


Learn the secrets of writers and artists from Jacqueline Wilson to Zanib Mian, with these exclusive interviews and tips for budding authors.

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A child in a yellow coat walks along a white path while a fat orange cat follows


Set off on magical journeys or real voyages of migration, from Gulliver’s Travels and Treasure Island to Sarah Garland’s Azzi in Between.

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A brightly coloured illustration of two figures

Go deeper

Explore our themes in more detail and find more fascinating facts in these illustrated articles by scholars and children’s authors.

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Nimesh in a school uniform riding on the back of a tiger down a street, from Nimesh the Adventurer

Magic and fantasy

Free your imagination with tales of mystery and magic, from medieval phoenixes to Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights.

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Illustration of a city scape. Smoke is coming out of chimneys


Find out how children’s books use funny jokes, strange secrets and pictures to give you information about people, places, science and history.

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Hanwriting on white paper

Poetry, nursery rhymes and wordplay

From rude and ridiculous rhymes to inspiring verses and poems, explore centuries of nonsense, poetry and wordplay for children.

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A 3D paper T-Rex from a pop-up book

Pop-up and moveable books

From the earliest noisy books to brilliant modern pop-ups, find out how pages spring to life at the pull of a flap or tab.

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Illustrations of several dragons

School stories and reading tools

From 2,000-year-old homework to the latest classroom antics, discover books full of brainboxes, weird teachers and troublemakers.

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