Home and belonging

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Children dressed up at carnival, from Errol Lloyd's Nini at Carnival

Go deeper: Home, family and belonging in children's books

Article by:
Patrice Lawrence, Lucy Pearson

Where do you belong? Where, or who, is your home and family? Discover stories that explore belonging, and not belonging, and those that help children grapple with their identity.

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Paper dolls in an illustration of a kitchen

Themed book list: Home and belonging

Explore a selection of children’s books including Starring Tracy Beaker, So Much, Coming to England, Azzi in Between and Clarice Bean.

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Cartoon illustration of Omar in a stripy tshirt, from the front cover of Planet Omar, with doodles in background

The Book of Me

What if you were the main character in a story? What would the world of your story look like? What would happen?

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Portrait of Sean, a Black British boy, riding a new red bike. Illustrated by Errol Lloyd for Sean's New Bike

Go deeper: Reflecting on Black presence in children’s books

Article by:
Farrah Serroukh, Karen Sands O'Connor

The characters that we meet in children's books shape the way that we see ourselves and our community around us. Take a look at the history of Black British representation.

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Paper-cut out illustration of Mulan riding on a horse and a little girl looking up at her

Go deeper: Journeys in children's books

Article by:
Emily Murphy, Yu Rong (in consultation with)

One of the most wonderful things about books is their ability to transport us to different worlds, times and places. But why are journeys so important to stories?

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Iluustration of a shadowy figure lifting up two people

Themed book list: Journeys

Journeys can take many different forms. Explore children's literature from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Journey to Jo’burg.

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Two illustrations side by side. The left hand image shows a person gesturing towards a floating book entitled 'your story'. The right hand image shows the same person surrounded by space ships, a wand, a wizard or witches hat and a handheld mirror

Step inside your story

Create a concertina book and fill it with your own story, with top tips and videos from brilliant authors and illustrators Zanib Mian, SF Said, Joseph Coelho, Viviane Schwarz, Sandra Agard and Allen Fatimaharan, Jane Porter, Philip Ardagh and Mara the Storyteller

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Home and belonging

How do children’s books explore questions of home, family and belonging? Delve into books by Jacqueline Wilson, Errol Lloyd and many more.


Learn the secrets of writers and artists from Jacqueline Wilson to Zanib Mian, with these exclusive interviews and tips for budding authors.


Set off on magical journeys or real voyages of migration, from Gulliver’s Travels and Treasure Island to Sarah Garland’s Azzi in Between.

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