Life as a storyteller

Jump over crocodiles, travel through libraries, and turn a bed into a boat. Enjoy Sandra Agard’s wonderful tale exploring her life as a storyteller. Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan.

My name is Sandra A. Agard, and I love stories so much that I became a writer and a storyteller. You can become a writer and a storyteller too, because stories can be told by anyone. Stories can come from everywhere. You can take real things from your own life, or magical things you have made up and mix them all together to make any kind of story you want. Write a story and put yourself right at the heart if it. Tell your reader what makes you special and take them on a journey through real and imaginary worlds. Then, I want you to take that story and put it into a concertina book.

Now, I'm not very good at arts and crafts, so I've asked my friend, Allen Fatimaharan to make and illustrate my book for me.

Watch how he makes the book very closely, so you can make your own. Now here's my story.

I'm a writer, storyteller, and a book doctor. A writer writes stories in books, a storyteller tells stories to people wherever they are, and just like a doctor prescribes medicine, a book doctor prescribes books that will make you feel great. My love for stories started at a young age. My parents were my first storytellers. My mom would tell my two sisters and I stories of our home in Guyana, South America. Stories of skipping over crocodiles while going to school and flying kites at Easter. Dad would read us adventure stories and fairytales. My parents encouraged me to tell and write my own stories. They would buy me exercise books from the local market and I would fill them with stories about secret agents, spies, space travel, adventures, mysteries, and magic. I would take them to school, where my teacher in year six, Mrs. Fielding, would invite me to read them to the class and every night I would tell stories to my sisters. My words transformed our bed into a boat and we would sail away to Africa to meet kings and queens and heroic warriors. One of the best places to find stories is the library. As a child, I would read every book I possibly could. I actually got a job in a library. And I've been working in libraries ever since, helping share my love for stories with as many people as possible. And now I have stories bursting out of me. I've told stories all over the country, fairytales, fables, stories of heroes and wizards and ghosts, stories of real life heroes too. I've also written a book about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, and there are many more books to come. Now I've told you some of my story, but you know what? I'm always on the search to look out for new ones. So I'm looking forward to hearing yours. Happy writing.

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