From mermaids and grey seals to crashing waves and shipping forecasts, discover the sounds and stories scattered along the shore.


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Fun beside the sea

Few holidays evoke the same nostalgia for so many people as the British seaside getaway. Listen to the sounds of this beloved institution, and explore the history of how this classic trip became a golden standard for generations of people.

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Beneath the waves

Until fairly recently, people believed that the oceans and seas were acoustically barren bodies of water, quieter than the most uninhabitable places on planet Earth. Explore how technology has allowed us to dispel this myth, and explore the wonderful sounds beneath the waves. 

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Danger at sea

The sea and coastal landscapes, though at times beautiful and serene, can also be perilous in the wrong conditions. How have people mitigated the dangers of the coast and sea?

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Working coast

The ocean has long shaped Britain’s human geography and industry. Explore the ways that people have used the waters around the British Isles as a source of sustenance, transport and commerce, in the process adding vitality to the soundscape of its working coast.

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The towering cliffs, murky waters, and secretive caves of the coast have shaped the legends and myths engrained in Britain’s folklore. Investigate the tales and sounds of this mysterious landscape and the stories that it has helped to inspire.

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