Forced Entertainment

Screenshot from the Quizoola! video
Screenshot from the Quizoola! video. copyright © Forced Entertainment 2013

Led by Artistic Director Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment have since 1984 continually striven to find new performance and theatre forms with which to describe contemporary urban life. Their trademark collaborative process – making work through long months of improvisation and discussion – draws not only on theatre but on cinema, music, culture, literature and fine art. They continue to tour widely and to great acclaim throughout the world.

About the collection

The collection comprises:
  • over 300 video recordings of performances, workshops and rehearsals, from the conception of the company to the year 2000
  • commercially circulated DVDs to date
  • ancillary audio recordings of public talks and discussions, including the two-day symposium held in 2004 to celebrate the 20th birthday of the company and the 'Indoor Fireworks' series of dialogues featuring Tim Etchells in conversation with choreographer Jonathan Burrows and others
  • video documentation of Quizoola!, a 24-hour edition, at the Barbican, London, 11.59 pm 12 April -11.59 pm 13 April 2013 (pictured above)
Arrangements are currently underway to archive live video documentation from the year 2000 to date.

What is available online?

Information on the company’s current and upcoming activities is available on its official web site.

You can also use the online Sound and Moving Image Catalogue to search for recordings.

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

The Listening and Viewing Service provides free public access to the Sound Archive's collections of recorded sound and video in St Pancras. Certain texts for Forced Entertainment shows are also available to view on request.

The Sound Archive Information Service is based in Humanities - floor 2 in St Pancras where books, discographies, periodicals and magazines are available on open access.

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