Modern law reports and legal cases

Law reports on shelves.

The British Library has modern law reports published in the United Kingdom since 1865. You can research legal cases and use online databases, printed journals or news media in our Reading Rooms.

About the collection

At the British Library you can access comprehensive collections of law reports published in the UK from the 19th century onwards. We also have transcripts of judgments for selected cases.

Modern law reports aim to provide accurate full text records of judicial decisions and reasoning in cases that have legal value as precedents. They are dominated by cases from the higher courts and very rarely feature cases settled in the lower courts and tribunals. 

Six or seven series of law reports provide general coverage of the UK courts while numerous series report on particular fields of law.

The series known as The Law Reports offers authoritative, full text reports. The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting has published this series since 1865. Prior to this, a proliferation of 'nominate' law reports published accounts of varying quality.

We have transcripts of judgments for UK intellectual property cases, Privy Council appeal cases, selected Court of Appeal (Civil) cases. A selection of judgment transcripts are also available on legal databases that we subscribe to.

In our collections of books and journals and national news, you'll also find:

  • legal and news reporting
  • case summaries and notes
  • academic and practical commentary on legal cases.

What is available online?

Information is available on the following websites:

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

Law reports in online databases

In the Social Sciences Reading Room you will find online legal databases that you can use for case searching. The databases provide access to case summaries, full text law reports, judgment transcripts, and commentary. The databases include the following law reports series:

  • The Law Reports
  • The Weekly Law Reports
  • the All England Law Reports
  • Scots Law Times
  • Session Cases
  • Northern Ireland Law Reports
  • numerous specialist series.

The Social Sciences Reading Room also has printed reference sources such as law report indexes, case citators and Halsbury’s Laws of England.

Go to the Newsroom if you want to research news coverage of legal cases.

Law reports with incomplete coverage online

We have reports and journals that are incomplete or unavailable online. You can request the following selected titles for use in our Reading Rooms:

You will find collection details for original nominate law report series in A Chronological List of Law Reports.

What is available in other organisations?

Online Sources in London Public Libraries will give information on London libraries that provide access to online law resources. 

Many universities have law collections, but access for non-members may be restricted. You will need to enquire at each institution. 

The Law Society Library, the libraries of the Inns of Court, and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies serve academic lawyers and legal professionals. They apply admission criteria you'll need to enquire with each library about access.

Transcripts of judicial proceedings in England and Wales: a guide to sources will help you locate and purchase transcripts that are unavailable online. The Ministry of Justice also provides a transcript request order form and useful guidance notes.

The Registry Trust Ltd gives information about individual County Court and High Court Judgments and other publicly accessible records relating to court orders and fines. You have to pay to search these records.