Papers of classical scholars

Extracts from Ps-Ammonius in the notebook of Johannes Cuno
Extracts from Ps-Ammonius in the notebook of Johannes Cuno. Arundel MS 550, f 1r. Padua, c 1506-1508.

A number of important sets of papers belonging to classical scholars can be found within our collections, as well as many important papyri and manuscripts of classical texts

About the collection

These papers represent an invaluable source of information for the history of classical scholarship and, with a few exceptions, are relatively understudied. Our most significant collections include papers belonging to:
  • Anthony Askew
  • Sir Harold Idris Bell
  • Richard Franz Philipp Brunck
  • Charles Burney
  • Johannes Cuno
  • Isaac Casaubon
  • Carl Andrew Duker
  • William Ewart Gladstone, Prime Minister
  • George Gordon, afterwards Hamilton Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, Prime Minister
  • Sir Frederic George Kenyon
  • William Sherard
  • Thomas Stanley

A search on the Archives and Manuscripts catalogue will produce additional holdings, notably manuscripts formerly owned by classical scholars, and the wealth of correspondence to be found in the Macmillan Archive and in the Burney collection. 

What is available online?

Detailed catalogue entries can be found on the main Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue. A small number of these papers have been digitised in full, and can be viewed on Digitised Manuscripts.

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

The majority of these collections can be consulted in the Manuscripts Reading Room by anyone with a valid Reader Pass.

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