Russia in the UK Web Archive Collection

The 'Russia in the UK' special collection is a digital resource collected and curated by the British Library.

About the collection

The Russia in the UK  special collection within the UK Web Archive brings together in one place the virtual heritage of Russian-speakers in the UK, from sites commemorating the history of this community in art, architecture and literature, to advice for Russians-speakers arriving in the UK today. The collection contains websites designed specifically for the Russian-speaking community from around the UK, from Scotland to London. The collection also reflects the diversity within the ‘Russian’ community in the UK, such as women’s organizations, community centres and the official website of the UK Tatar Association. The special collection enables research by guiding users through the vast amounts of data collected in the UK Web Archive and providing access to the numerous online Russian-language newspapers and journals published today. 

What is available online?

Search the Open UK Web Archive online for specific websites or information, or to browse by subject or special collection. 

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

The Non-Print Legal Deposit UK Web Archive can only be accessed on computers in our Reading Rooms.

Search Explore the British Library to find titles of websites in the archive. Refine your results by using the advanced search options to look for the ‘archived websites’ material type.

What is available in other organisations?

Other Web Archive initiatives, where Russian language sites or sites related to Russia are being archived:

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