Russian and Soviet posters and postcards

Soviet poster
Nikolai Kogut, Ot mraka k svetu, ot bitvy k knige, ot goria k schast’iu (From darkness into light; from Battle to Books; from Misery to happiness) (Moskva, 1921)

Our holdings of Russian and Soviet posters and postcards from the 20th century form a representative and important collection

About the collection

Items include a collection of political and Soviet posters have been fully described in the catalogue record.

Other items, such as a set of eight coloured cartoons of the Russo-Japanese War and a set of Russian cartoons on the Russo-Japanese war, issued from January to June 1904 are not catalogued individually and should be searched in the catalogue using general terms and key words such as 'posters Russian', 'postcards Russian' or subject headings, such as 'Russo-Japanese war' or 'Propaganda'.

Sets of recent reprints and secondary sources with colour reproductions are also being collected comprehensively.

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