Russian statistical publications

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From a collection of Russian postcards published in the late 19th - early 20th century

We have a comprehensive collection of statistical publications from all over the world, including Russia.

About the collection

Published census materials are a core aspect of the collection. The results of the First All-Russia Census (1887) were published between 1899 and 1905 in 199 books in 89 volumes in regional and thematic series. We have hard copy and microfilm sets of many of these these. The original records were never published and some of them can only be accessed in the local archives in Russia.

Zemstvo statistics is a notatble collection item, which includes around 6000 microfiches of statistical monographs and periodicals covering the period 1870-1917.

The early Soviet period is not covered in a comprehensive way, as collecting material from Soviet Russia was difficult and haphazard, but we have some interesting publications.

The most important and controversial censuses of 1937 and 1939, and of 1959  are held on microfilm. The first post-Soviet census of 2002 is covered comprehensively in many publications including the 14-volume Itogi vserossiiskoi perepisi naseleniia 2002 goda, as well as in a vast collection of materials from the regions of the Russian Federation, that were published locally. Select current annuals federal and regional level are being collected in hard copy.

What is available online?

Some 19th century statistical publications digitised from the British Library collections are available via Explore the British Library catalogue.

1897 census at the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin.

Данные советских переписей населения и ряд показателей по годам (Soviet censuses)

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

Printed material and microfilms are searchable on Explore the British Library catalogue.

We have a full set of the 1887 First All-Russia Censuscensus on microfiche. There isn't a satisfactory description of microfiches in the St Pancras reading rooms,
so you need to use the descriptions on the microfiches. You will be able to go through the set much quicker in our reading room in Boston Spa.

The database produced by East View Publications, available in the Reading Rooms, provides current statistical publications. The database covers more than 200 contemporary periodical statistical publications, listed both thematically and by region.

What is available in other organisations?

The Russian Federal Department of State Statistics (Federal’naia Sluzhba gosudarstvennoi statistiki) has a good website that provides a lot of free information.

The Russian Federal Department of State Statistics also supply data to the website Statistika.Ru.

Further information

Useful reference works include:

Mironov, B. N. The standard of living and revolutions in Russia, 1700-1917. New York, NY: Routledge, 2012

I.I. Eliseeva, A.L. Dmitriev. Istoriia rossiiskoi gosudarstvennoi statistiki (1811-2011). Moskva : IIT︠S︡ “Statistika Rossii”, 2013. 

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