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We subscribe to a large and growing number of electronic resources and bibliographic databases that can be searched or browsed to help you discover material of relevance to your research.

About the collection

These resources collate and index different types of scientific information including (but not limited to) journal articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, meeting reports and dissertations. Some databases contain links to digitised full text material where available.

The electronic resources cover all scientific disciplines including life sciences, chemistry, engineering and environment, geology and geography, health, medicine and nursing, maths, physics and computer science, and psychology.

What is available online?

Some of these databases are freely available online and can be accessed from outside the British Library. However, due to licensing agreements, access to most of the databases is restricted to PCs in our Reading Rooms. See our full list of electronic resources. This page contains detailed information about the resources and what they cover and can be filtered by subjects such as 'Chemistry', 'Health Sciences' etc. 

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

Due to licensing restrictions most of the electronic resources we subscribe to can only be accessed from within our Reading Rooms. Most titles can be accessed from any work station in any British Library Reading Room but a small number can only be accessed from specific workstations. Please see staff at the science reference enquiry desk if you wish to access these resources. See a full list of the electronic resources we subscribe to.

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