Science overview

The Human Genome

Our resources support the needs of specialists working in academia and business, and can support multidisciplinary research interests.

About the collection

As the national library we have most of the scientific monographs published in the UK and a large proportion of the English-language journals published in Europe and North America. We have an extensive collection of journals including scholarly peer-reviewed journals and trade and professional journals.

What is available online?

We also have available the harder to find material including large collections of conference proceedings, research reports and statistic series as well as access to UK Doctoral thesis through EThos online. This is in addition to the wide ranging collections of patents, market research, trade and business directories, company and financial information.

What is available in our Reading Rooms?

Access to our extensive range of material is available in our dedicated Science Reading Rooms. Also, an increasing amount of our journals are available electronically within our Reading Rooms.

You can perform detailed searches of your subject area using our wide range of electronic databases enabling you to find the most relevant journal articles and research publications.