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  • Calculating time

    Manuscript Created date: 1st third of the 9th century–Late 11th century

    This manuscript consists of three books joined together in the medieval period at the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Germain...

  • French copy of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History

    Manuscript Created date: 3rd quarter of the 9th century

    The Ecclesiastical History of the English People by the Venerable Bede (b. c. 673, d. 735), monk and scholar of Wearmout...

  • The story of Cædmon's Hymn

    Manuscript Created date: 775–825

    The earliest named English poet was a cowherd named Cædmon who lived at the Abbey of Whitby. We know about this man beca...

  • Tiberius Bede

    Manuscript Created date: 1st half of the 9th century

    Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People was completed in 731. The work tells the story of the conversion of ...