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  • 10th-century Gospel-book, produced in Metz


    This opulent copy of the Gospels was perhaps made as a gift from the bishop, Thierry I (r. 965-984) to the cathedral of...

  • Bosworth Psalter


    Like the majority of biblical books in Western Christendom, the texts of this Psalter are in Latin. They comprise one of...

  • Fécamp Gospels


    The Fécamp Gospel-book was produced in the 10th century in Winchester, a royal centre in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom ...

  • Prudentius, Psychomachia (War of the Soul)


    The Psychomachia (War of the Soul) is a work of allegory in which seven Virtues and seven Vices battle for possession of...

  • Winchester Benedictional


    Benedictionals (from the Latin benedicere, to bless) are books that contain lists of blessings given by bishops during t...