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  • Lectionary of St-Maur-des-Fossés

    Manuscript Created date: Early 11th century

    St Maurus (d. 584) is one of the most famous disciples of St Benedict of Nursia (d. c. 550), the author of the Benedicti...

  • Life and miracles of St Germain

    Manuscript Created date: Mid-11th century

    Texts devoted to the lives and miracles of different saints were collected and widely read during the medieval period. C...

  • St Bertin Gospels

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd half of the 11th century

    From its foundation in the seventh century, the abbey of St Bertin in St Omer was one of the most powerful abbeys in the...

  • St Denis Missal

    Manuscript Created date: Mid-11th century

    During the 11th and the 12th centuries, a new kind of text appeared for use in the liturgy – the Missal, which combined ...