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  • An anonymous map of Italy

    Map Created date: 15th century

    In the 15th century several maps were drawn of the whole of Italy, by then the most map-conscious part of Europe. The ou...

  • Charles d'Orleans, Poetry

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1450–99

    Charles d’Orleans (d. 1465), cousin of the French king, was captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and spent 25 yea...

  • Chart of the Aegean from the Cornaro atlas

    Map Created date: 15th century

    An atlas made for the Cornaro family of Venice at the end of the 15th century contains 35 portolan charts by various Ven...

  • Map of the Bay of Bengal from Ptolemy's Geography

    Map Created date: 15th century

    This map from the Harley manuscripts collection shows the Bay of Bengal from a manuscript of Ptolemy's Geography, has th...

  • Portolan chart by Grazioso Benincasa

    Map Created date: 1473

    Grazioso Benincasa produced an atlas of portolan charts in Venice in 1473. These charts show two navigational maps of th...