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  • A fayre portion for a fayre mayd

    Broadside ballad

    ‘A Fayre Portion for a Fayre Mayd : OR, The thriftie Mayd of Worstersheere’ was printed in London, and is attributed to ...

  • Capriccio

    Etching, Letterpress, Pen and ink

    This capriccio or fanciful combination of fragments of sculpture, architecture and archaeological ruins inscribed with a...

  • Dykeburst at Amsterdam


    One of the fundamental interests that had led Beudeker to form his collection was the extraordinary ability of the Dutch...

  • St Albans and De Ladyinghe In Her Perck

    Pen and ink, Wash, View

    George III’s King’s Topographical Collection contains two little known drawings by Michiel van Overbeek (fl.1663-1709). ...

  • The Corinthian Order

    Pencil drawing, Pen and ink, Architectural drawing

    These drawings are copies after two illustrations from the Regole generali di architettura (1537) by Italian architect, ...

  • William Segar, Garter Principall King of Arms

    Pen and ink, Bodycolour, Parchment

    After becoming Garter King of Arms in 1607, William Segar (about 1554-1633) was granted arms in 1612 and knighted in 161...