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  • Extracts from the Tipitaka

    Paper folding book, Manuscript

    An 19th-century funeral or commemoration book. About the manuscript This Thai folding book (samut khoi) made from mul...

  • Jagannath Puri temple

    Cloth, Painting

    A superb example of the Odisha tradition of painting on cloth (patha chitra). What is depicted in it? This painting fea...

  • Painting of the Muharram festival

    Watercolour, Painting

    A watercolour painting on mica of a Muharram procession, painted in Northern India in the Benares or Patna style around ...

  • Prayer book from Aceh


    A manuscript from Aceh, Sumatra, containing a range of prayers and religious texts written in Arabic, Malay and Acehnese...

  • Qur’an manuscript from the Malay peninsula


    This exquisite illuminated Qur’an manuscript probably comes from the northeast coast of the Malay peninsula, either from...

  • Sarvasiddhantattvacudamani


    The Sarvasiddhāntattvacūḍāmaṇi or ‘Crest-jewel of the Essence of all Systems of Astronomy’, is a comparison in Sanskrit ...